11 Medicinal Plants That You Can Grow Indoors

If you want to find natural remedies to relieve headaches, stress, insomnia, intestinal problems we have the solution for you: gardening.

If it is already useful because, as we have said on other occasions, it reduces the levels of stress and anxiety, today we want to show you 10 medicinal plants that you can have at home and that can be useful for your health.

1. Basil

Even if you’ve only used it for cooking to date, basil has many benefits. It can help relieve headaches, improve digestion and insomnia, control hair loss, improve ear pain.

2. Aloe Vera

As you already know, aloe vera has many medicinal properties. Not only is it useful against burns, but it can reduce skin elasticity, it can reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic people and, among other things, it helps to cure constipation.

3. Melissa

Lemon balm is a natural calming, so in the face of nerves, stress, insomnia or others, lemon balm can be a really good ally.

4. Calendula

This flower has many properties. It can be useful for deflating, disinfecting and improving wound healing time.

5. Lavender

In addition to its characteristic aroma, lavender offers remedies for various problems such as headaches. It is also a natural antiseptic, has anti-inflammatory properties, acts as a relaxant, can be a treatment against hair loss and relieves skin burning …

6. Chamomile

Who has never drunk a hot cup of chamomile in case of flu? You should know that chamomile is also ideal for intestinal problems, it is good for the liver, liquids and the treatment of water retention and cholesterol.

7. Mint

Peppermint is antiseptic, helps with respiratory problems, cures problems of the digestive system, helps relieve headaches and nausea and, among other things, prevents cataracts and improves circulation.

And you who thought that mint was only for a mojito!

8. Parsley

If you have a little parsley left when you finish the sauce, remember that it has many uses: it is diuretic, helps control menstrual disorders, is antispasmodic and is good for the skin.

9. Rosemary

Rosemary helps fight digestive problems, counteracts circulatory problems, is a powerful antioxidant, helps keep hair in good condition, fights anemia … did you know?

10. Oregano

Among the medicinal plants, we also want to talk about oregano. In addition to having digestive properties, it relieves spasmodic cough and is recommended for otitis. It can also be a good antiseptic and help fight rheumatism.

11. Thyme

Not only does it give dishes an excellent flavor, but also, thyme is a digestive stimulant, it helps fight anemia, it is a natural antibiotic, it is a natural relaxant and a very soft sleeping pill, it is very useful for the lack of memory, among others.