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Division I# Type Title Presenter(s) County


1 Individual What were different Indian housings like? Erica Capps Calhoun County

2 Individual Korean Culture vs. American Culture Allison Fisher Gilmer County

3 Individual Native Medicine Jennifer Hanlin Grant County

4 Individual Legacy in Stone Tucker Evans Hampshire County

5 Individual A Day in the Life of a Korean Girl Maria DuPont Harrison County

6 Individual The Northern Lights: Fact Or Fiction? Alli Thaxton Kanawha County

7 Individual Can Motorcycles Be Safe? Sean Michael Woodruff Berkeley County

8 Individual What Are Mummies? Morgan Aquirre Logan County

9 Individual Mummies: How they were mummified & who were they?

Erika Lewis Marion County

10 Individual How Hawaiian Culture has changed Claire Cottrill Mason County

11 Individual Soccer - Is It the World's Most Popular Sport? Brandon Barrett Mercer County

12 Individual How did the Idea of Death Influence the Ancient Egyptian Culture?

MacKenzie Stapleton Mingo County

13 Individual Under Wraps: The Mummy Justin Lewis Morgan County

14 Individual Trail of Tears Amber Webb Estep Mcdowell County

15 Individual Japanese Culture Caitlyn Lewis Nicholas County

16 Individual Hunting Methods of North American Indians Lakota Jonese Pocahontas County

17 Individual Day of the Dead Evangeline Tiede Raleigh County

18 Individual Giles Surname Jacob Giles Roane County

19 Individual The Amish Style Laikon Sweeney Summers County

20 Individual I am an American Indian Kylee Yeater Tyler County

21 Individual Totem Poles: Silent Storytellers or Idols? James Rexroad Wood County

22 Pair What do Indians have to do with ecology? Katlin CollinsLauren Rogers

Calhoun County

23 Pair What were the Salem Witch Trials? Jenny WolfeHannah Yeager

Gilmer County

24 Pair How the Cheyenne Indians Lived Danielle KettermanTasha Horton

Grant County

25 Pair Mummification Adam RisonEthan Taylor

Hampshire County

26 Pair The Maya, Then and Now Julia BrownEmily Broughton

Harrison County

27 Pair The Cultures of India Nikita SanganiCatherine Blackwood

Kanawha County

28 Pair Nefertiti, A Queen in Her Time Jaid ShorbMiles McDonough

Berkeley County

29 Pair What Happened to the Iceman? Stevie HayesKatie Hartman

Marion County

30 Pair What Materials Do Indians Use Amber PauleyMakenzie Hesson

Mason County

31 Pair What Is the Chinese Zodiac? Alyson CoxKelsey Lane

Mercer County

32 Pair Birthday Traditions Rachel ClarkJohn Bailey

Mingo County

33 Pair Seeing the Future Cynthia HuntPaige Wimmer

Mcdowell County

34 Pair Indian Feud Amelia Katelyn PaineJennifer Dawn Ballard

Raleigh County

35 Pair Dolphins and Humans Around the World Kristina LipscombKelly Marshall

Summers County

36 Pair Vikings: Raiders or Traders Evan GroverTraeh Keller

Tyler County

37 Pair Moth Man: Fact or Fiction Racheal LydickSara Wells

Wetzel County

38 Pair Eskimos and Inuits:Then and Now Annie LaCourKylie Amick

Wood County


39 Class Let Freedom Ring Alexa AntillLauren Trupo

Harrison County

40 Class Does Getting Rid of the Penny...Make Cents? Molly CallaghanPooja Prabhakar

Kanawha County

41 Class Blennerhassett Island - The Island And It's People Robyanna JohnsonIan Mutchler

Berkeley County

42 Class Traveling the Oregon Trail Derek MaynardTorie Conley

Logan County

43 Class Early Schools in America Kameron MillsAshley Saunders

Raleigh County

44 Class What Does the Bill of Rights Mean to Us? Jordan CalesJessica Sweeney

Summers County

45 Class Schools-Then and Now: Are They Different? Matt KnowltonZach Knowlton

Tyler County

46 Class Mound Builders vs. Pyramid Builders Allison FarnerDrew Stone

Wood County

933 Class Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bully? Chas StonestreetAndrew Stump & Jay Hager

Mercer County


47 Individual History of Hot Wheels Daniel Lyons Gilmer County

48 Individual Trucks in the U.S.A Brandon Reel Grant County

49 Individual The Economics of Coca-Cola Justin Tyree Hampshire County

50 Individual Cha-Ching Kelsey Fogg Harrison County

51 Individual What Is the Cost of Youth Sports? Callie Goodwin Kanawha County

52 Individual The Effects of Grocery Store Design on Consumer Habits

Alexia Hindmarsh Berkeley County

53 Individual Coca Cola - How Did It Become a Multi-Billion Dollar Company?

Emily Allred Logan County

54 Individual What Automobile Related Businesses in Marion County Affected Our Local Economy.

Lucas Hilsbos Marion County

55 Individual Identity Theft Alexa Taylor Mason County

56 Individual West Virginia Logging Jeffrey Grose Mercer County

57 Individual Cape Henry: What's Up With The Old and the New? Kyle Toler Mingo County

58 Individual Got Milk? Where Have All the Producers Gone? Chelsea Hessler Morgan County

59 Individual WV Lottery Samantha Johnson Nicholas County

60 Individual Can You Run with the Big Dogs of NASCAR? C.D. Cox Pleasants County

61 Individual Braces Luca Byrd Pocahontas County

62 Individual West Virginia Sink or Swim Mary Fluharty Roane County

63 Individual West Virginia's Economy Jeremy Wood Summers County

64 Individual Fed Ex: Then and Now Jacob Smith Tucker County

65 Individual Sports Collectables Blaise Rice Tyler County

66 Individual Income/Gender : Effects on Video Games Clark White Webster County

67 Individual The United States Trade Deficit Lauren Randolph Wood County

68 Pair Most Popular Resturant Elisabeth CoombsJessi Smith

Gilmer County

69 Pair Wild Run: Visit the Horses at Chincoteague Island Taylor MaditzTyler McHenry

Harrison County

70 Pair Buying Your Pet: Are Breeders Better Than Pet Stores?

Garrett BoggsJoseph Rotz

Kanawha County

71 Pair Coal - Who Needs It? Kaitlin DunnOlivia Wooten

Logan County

72 Pair From Cent to Shining Cent Hunter CrescenziOry VanGilder

Marion County

73 Pair Impact of Big East Sports Alex PotterRogan Park

Mason County

74 Pair WinterPlace Ski Resort: Does It Impact Local Economy?

Bassel ZeinNicholas Stinson

Mercer County

75 Pair The New Color of Money Dustin WisemanLogan Bailey

Nicholas County

76 Pair The Buck Starts Here David PoeKayla Saunders

Raleigh County

77 Pair Survivors: How Do Businesses Make It? Allison DeLanceyBrooke Hiley

Ritchie County

78 Pair Mardi Gras: Fast, Festive, or Financial Tara WeeseLeanna Helmick

Tyler County

79 Pair Poke ' Money Adam McCroskeyRyan Martin

Webster County

80 Pair Custom Paint Job, Can I Afford It? Joseph SempleTyler Goddard

Wetzel County

81 Pair How does Youth Soccer Affect our Economy? Harlen GibsonMitch Burgess

Wood County


82 Individual How did the Egyptians really live? Christopher Cunningham Calhoun County

83 Individual Pearl Harbor Dylan Montgomery Gilmer County

84 Individual What are Tornadoes? Corey Rhodes Grant County

85 Individual The Oregon Trail: What Were the Hardships? Steven Wilson Hampshire County

86 Individual Hit the Slopes in West Virginia Gaetano Curotz Harrison County

87 Individual Mt. St. Helens-- Past Eruption and Present: What Happened?

Paul Ray Isaacs, Jr. Kanawha County

88 Individual The Great Barrier Reef Eric Grove Berkeley County

89 Individual Look What Man Made - Smith Mountain Lake T. J. Hoosier Logan County

90 Individual What Is The Bermuda Triangle? Taylor Wright Marion County

91 Individual How does controlling water benefit humans Wes Davis Mason County

92 Individual Erupting Volcanoes - How Do They Affect the Environment?

Russell King Mercer County

93 Individual Tornadoes Grant Charles Mingo County

94 Individual Take a Walk Across the United States with Dinosaurs Amber Tiller Mcdowell County

95 Individual Cades Cove Loop Austin Tinnell Nicholas County

96 Individual Australia The Land Down Under Chelsea Jorden Ohio County

97 Individual The Rise and Fall of the Carpenter Bridge Erica Hupp Pleasants County

98 Individual What Caused the Mississippi River to Flow Backwards? Could it Happen Again?

Emma Jewell Pocahontas County

99 Individual Alaska-Land of the Midnight Sun Sania Rahim Raleigh County

100 Individual What was the Northwest Turnpike? Travis Robertson Ritchie County

101 Individual The Purpose of Stonehenge Preston Patton Roane County

102 Individual Surveying in America: How Has it Changed Over the Years?

Haley Chambers Summers County

103 Individual How Has Logging Changed? Steven Cousin Tucker County

104 Individual The Trucking Industry - How It Affects All Our Lives

Kelsey Loub Wetzel County

105 Individual Mount Everest: The Great Challenge! Shyla Earl Wood County

106 Pair The New River Gorge Bridge Peter VasilopoulosQuentin Murphy

Calhoun County

107 Pair Where to Find Native American Artifacts Emilo AvilesCody Pritt

Gilmer County

108 Pair A Trip to India Lauren KelleherSheluni Petal

Hampshire County

109 Pair Proofs of a Global Flood Tim ElbertBen Williams

Harrison County

110 Pair A Journey Through the Netherlands Meaghan RileyKayley Francke

Berkeley County

111 Pair What Are the Natural Wonders of the World? Frank HairstonBlake Hicks

Logan County

112 Pair Coral Reefs: How do they help us? Rebekah HenlineArielle Tennant

Marion County

113 Pair Bermuda Triangle Morghan MullinsHannah Perry

Mason County

114 Pair What Are Tropical Rainforests? Kayla ShowalterHeather Boyer

Mercer County

115 Pair Where Do Tornadoes Happen Most? Zachary RobertsTyler Lendearo

Mingo County

116 Pair Mt. St. Helens Paige BoardwineCynthia Prater

Mcdowell County

117 Pair The Bermuda Triangle, is it Fact or Fiction? Nathan NapierGavin Underwood

Ritchie County

118 Pair History of Volcanoes Shayna BakerCameron Price

Wetzel County

119 Pair Impact of Hurricanes and Tornadoes on People's Lives in the U.S.

Michael MiglioreMichael Samaha

Wood County

Political Science

120 Individual American Civil Liberties Union - Protector of the Constitution

Flynn Pollard Fayette County

121 Individual 17th Precinct Sydney Pettit Gilmer County

122 Individual Captain America Alex Roth Grant County

123 Individual Thinking About Running for President? Patrick Coyle Hampshire County

124 Individual Why Two Burdens of Proof? Alexandra Walker Harrison County

125 Individual The Death Penalty: Deterent Or Legalized Murder? Jackson Newsome Kanawha County

126 Individual Why Do American's Serve in the U.S. Military? Samantha Starry Berkeley County

127 Individual One Nation Under God? Makayla Gresham Logan County

128 Individual John Kennedy & Abraham Lincoln Dustin Crump Mason County

129 Individual Municipal Government: What Does Your City Goverment Do?

Abbey Stafford Mercer County

130 Individual The Three Branches of Government: What Are They? Austin Tiller Mingo County

131 Individual Is Fingerprinting Important? Caleb Cheshire Morgan County

132 Individual Why Go to War with Iraq James Locklear Mcdowell County

133 Individual Who Elects the President? Logan Powell Raleigh County

134 Individual Who Was John and Jackie Kennedy? Jordan Cales Summers County

135 Individual ATVS: All Terrain or Another Victim? David Heck Webster County

136 Individual United States Citizenship Whitney Parker Wood County

137 Pair Clarksburg FBI Hunter WarnerThomas Lomasney

Grant County

138 Pair Who Would Win the Election if Kids Could Vote? Josh WhiteZach Randolph

Harrison County

139 Pair The Death Penalty Shayla CechHaley Thomas

Marion County

140 Pair Firefighters Jay JacksonJustin Cavender

Mason County

141 Pair What Is a Law Enforcement Canine? Allyson LambertBlake Rose

Mercer County

142 Pair Special Agents: The Origin and Function of the FBI Jared HarveyAaron Dingess

Mingo County

143 Pair Our Nation's Military on Land, Air and Sea Wesley BellTyrell Frame

Roane County

144 Pair How West Virginia Became a State Brianna GwinnBethani Boggess

Summers County

145 Pair Civil War: Cause and Effect Macey DeanChristopher Brown

Tyler County


146 Individual I have the Twin Towers on My Mind! Do you? Whitney Starcher Calhoun County

147 Individual How Important Is It To Smile? Ryanne Michael Grant County

148 Individual Dying to be Thin Amy Maphis Hampshire County

149 Individual Autism: Is It On The Rise? Amber Gallo Harrison County

150 Individual Does Everyone Have Phobias? Shannon Lester Kanawha County

151 Individual Boo! What Scares You? Paige Reed Berkeley County

152 Individual Tobacco Smoke - How Does It Affect Our Children? Taylor Helms Logan County

153 Individual True/False: Violent Video Games Cause Violence Aaron Baker Marion County

154 Individual Another Difficult Diagnosis Christian Browning Mason County

155 Individual Elvis, the Man Who Influenced Music Ashley Folden Mercer County

156 Individual Does Birth Order Affect Your Personality? Kayleena Blankenship Mingo County

157 Individual Ring Around the Rosies: Coming to Grips With Black Death

Allison McCormick Morgan County

158 Individual Child Abuse and Neglect in McDowell County Corrine Frederick Mcdowell County

159 Individual Pooch Love Jed Sheets Pocahontas County

160 Individual Is My Cup Half Full or Is My Cup Half Empty? Claire Elise Jarrell Raleigh County

161 Individual Attack of the Killer Shark? Mitchell Lake Webster County

162 Individual What is the Diagnosis? Brittany Guthrie Wetzel County

163 Individual Crayola: You Color our World! Kristen Board Wood County

164 Pair Yankee Doodle: What a song! Tyler BennettVictoria Vineyard

Calhoun County

165 Pair Did You Know These Famous Athletes Have Dyslexia?

Morgan FoutLindsey Miller

Hampshire County

166 Pair Barry Bonds: Swing King Tucker AbeuzzinoChristopher Abruzzino

Harrison County

167 Pair Left Brain, Right Brain, Which Are You? Cassie ForbesAlexis Kitzmiller

Kanawha County

168 Pair Phobias Shannon GilesMichael Giles

Berkeley County

169 Pair How Does The Three Point Shot Change Basketball? Andrew MarraTyler McCutchan

Marion County

170 Pair PAWSitive Therapy: How Animals Change Lives Halie PutorekEmily Tweedlie

Mercer County

171 Pair Epilepsy Miranda BlankenshipErika Crum

Mingo County

172 Pair George Washington: Is the Cherry Tree Story the Real Truth?

Makinsey CochranSantana Beck

Pocahontas County

173 Pair Are you Still Sleepy? Anna CarpenterKelsey Waggoner

Ritchie County

174 Pair Alien Abductees: Are You One? Tyler LemastersB.J. Eastham

Tyler County

175 Pair Why Do People Commit Suicide? Heidi ShawMorgan Starkey

Wetzel County

176 Pair Autism: What are the Facts? Shelby McFeeAustin McFee

Wood County


177 Individual Ancient Egypt: Mummification Erik Johnson Calhoun County

178 Individual Happy Halloween Meghan Luzader Gilmer County

179 Individual A World Without Sound Dawn Herron Grant County

180 Individual Who's the Real Champ? Tyler Biser Hampshire County

181 Individual Guide Horses Michele Roman Harrison County

182 Individual The Inventive Process: What Makes An Inventor? Matthew Sorrells Kanawha County

183 Individual Panhandle Family Homeschools - In For Training: Making A Successful Guide Dog

Ashley Butler Berkeley County

184 Individual Mary Surratt: Did She Plot to Kill a President? Logan Akers Logan County

185 Individual How the Amish Live Differently from Us Joshua Dzielski Marion County

186 Individual Walt Disney Derek Artimez Marshall County

187 Individual Bellbottoms and 33's: Living in the 70's Tisus Russell Mason County

188 Individual Child Abuse Allison Copolo Mercer County

189 Individual Pageantry: Not Just Pretty Faces Catherine Browning Mingo County

190 Individual Wave It Proud Courtney Mullins Mcdowell County

191 Individual Strange and Taboo Foods Around the World Joshua Short Nicholas County

192 Individual Then and Now Emily Hughes Raleigh County

193 Individual Lance Armstrong-Is he just an athlete? Monica L. Siers Ritchie County

194 Individual Pete Rose: Ban or Add? Joshua Wine Roane County

195 Individual Why I Was Born To Be a Girl Scout Megan Ward Summers County

196 Individual Who Was The First Scout? Andy Nelson Tucker County

197 Individual Firefighters Kyle McFadden Wetzel County

198 Individual Rescue, Rehab, Release Madison Hill Wood County

199 Pair Hilary Duff: Teenage Superstar Chelsey RohrbaughJustina Moreland

Grant County

200 Pair Pirates Joseph GreerChristopher Greer

Harrison County

201 Pair Barbie: What's Her Secret To Success? Jacy BishoffCarol Good

Kanawha County

202 Pair History of Irish Dance Alexandra KeesSarah Hanshew

Berkeley County

203 Pair How Do People Affect the Endangered Dolphin? Allie CarterHannah Sabo

Logan County

204 Pair Why Do 5th Graders Chew Gum? Paige KreppsLauren Hamilton

Marion County

205 Pair How and why did Yao Ming become a basketball player

Matthew LewisMontana Wamsley

Mason County

206 Pair Euthanasia: Love or Murder? We Can Help Ashley ShraderSamantha Bailey

Mercer County

207 Pair Camelot: How Society Embraced John & Jackie Kennedy

Katie FarmerJoe Tilley

Mingo County

208 Pair Life in the 1800's Willa HandyCourtney Veselosky

Mcdowell County

209 Pair What Does It Mean? Rebecca BarkerHunter Gray

Nicholas County

210 Pair A Preemie's Basic Needs Brianna WhismanBrittany Whisman

Raleigh County

211 Pair Who is the King of Rock 'N' Roll? Carly TrickettSantana Waggoner

Ritchie County

212 Pair Reaching the Elderly: Helping Ourselves by Helping Others

Kaitlyn NeffKeri Suter

Tyler County

213 Pair Parkinson's Disease Alex HendersonPhillip Bassett

Wetzel County

214 Pair Uniforms: Conform to the Uniform? Ashleigh ParsonsKatie Myers

Wood County

State & Local Studies

215 Individual Grantsville: A Look Back Kevin Hardbarger Calhoun County

216 Individual The Outdoor Recreational Capital of the Eastern United States

Lindsey Hess Fayette County

217 Individual Somerville Exxon Grocery Then and Now Taylor Somerville Gilmer County

218 Individual Oglebay Devon Brosh Grant County

219 Individual How Can A Loom Weave Generations Together? Hannah Funk Hampshire County

220 Individual Aaron Smith: Early Settler Whitney Mauller Harrison County

221 Individual From Candidate To Elected Leader: the Election Process In West Virginia

Madeline Lewis Kanawha County

222 Individual What Was It Like To Live In A West Virginia Coal Camp?

Makayla Lewis Berkeley County

223 Individual New River Gorge Bridge Benjamin Gibson Logan County

224 Individual Coal Mining Then & Now Natasha Anderson Marion County

225 Individual St. Joseph's Settlement Past and Present Abel Frohnapfel Marshall County

226 Individual What Came First: The Turkey or the Egg Kaleb Petry Mason County

227 Individual Men Who Matched the Mountains, Why All That Feudin'?

Lauren Brown Mercer County

228 Individual Wanna Race? Lacey Lockhart Mingo County

229 Individual Changes In The Trash Rachel Wurster Morgan County

230 Individual The Process of Making Moonshine Ted Christian Mcdowell County

231 Individual First Christmas Trees in West Virginia Trevor Moore Nicholas County

232 Individual Slavery and the Underground Railroad in the Ohio Valley

Matthew Bailey Pleasants County

233 Individual The Hammons Family Katelynn Beverage Pocahontas County

234 Individual New River Gorge Bridge Miranda Miller Raleigh County

235 Individual Forts of West Virginia Garrett Villers Ritchie County

236 Individual Ruby Bradley Amber Drake Roane County

237 Individual Elizabeth Graham's Life Story Jessica Sweeney Summers County

238 Individual Who Is Chuck Yeager? Taylor Painter Tucker County

239 Individual The Marble King C.C. Day Tyler County

240 Individual How is Maple Syrup Made? Kendle Rogers Webster County

241 Individual Buffalo Creek Flood: A WV Disaster Tyrell Watson Wetzel County

242 Individual Was there a Famous Resort Hotel in Borland Springs?

Claire Lauderman Wood County

243 Pair The Flood of 1985 Brian HuskJessica Wood

Calhoun County

244 Pair Do You Believe in Ghost? Emily RamezanJacqueline Moore

Gilmer County

245 Pair Chuck Yeager Carolyn DunsmoreSaige Mongold

Grant County

246 Pair Fort Mill Ridge-What, How and Why? Jenna WestfallMorgan Hott

Hampshire County

247 Pair Arizona's Facts Kristin PowellSarah Sturm

Harrison County

248 Pair Mothman Chris McCallisterTaraye Casdorph

Kanawha County

249 Pair What is Arctic Char? Ashley CurryMegan Gartin

Logan County

250 Pair What Were the Early Days of Coal Mining Like? Faith KlineSarah Metz

Marion County

251 Pair Great Tragedy on the Ohio River Gabriel StarcherBrice Clark

Mason County

252 Pair How Did WV Counties Get Their Names? Jennifer MartinDrew Reed

Mercer County

253 Pair WV Hillclimb Braxton HinkleDavey Jude

Mingo County

254 Pair 50 Years of Wheeling YMCA Swim Team Kati DiColaKirstie Kalany

Ohio County

255 Pair What Came Out of the Ashes? Rachel GrimesSarah Shears

Pocahontas County

256 Pair John Henry: Fact or Fiction? Kevin EskinsCory Sargent

Raleigh County

257 Pair What Was the WV Connection to the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

Jenna AmosJesse Stemple

Ritchie County

258 Pair What Is The History Of The St. George United Methodist Church?

Angela BohonDusty McCauley

Tucker County

259 Pair History of Sistersville Ferry Garret AmosBrice Kehrer

Tyler County

260 Pair Mary Lou Retton Victoria ArnoldsRachel Wyatt

Wetzel County

261 Pair The Blennerhassett Island Molly EsbenshadeGail Hatfield

Wood County

U.S. History

262 Individual From a Log Cabin to the White House Jordan Panarello Calhoun County

263 Individual A West Virginian Rebel Rachel Clemons Gilmer County

264 Individual History of the Iditarod Lindsey Sites Grant County

265 Individual What Was Theodore Roosevelt's Life Like Before He Was President?

Aaron Loar Hampshire County

266 Individual Snap, Crackle, Pop: The Sotry of Cereal Lauren Trupo Harrison County

267 Individual What Was the 1849 Gold Rush? Stephen Mullins Kanawha County

268 Individual A Symbol of Freedom Sarah Taylor Berkeley County

269 Individual John Deere: Outstanding in His Field Eli DesRocher Logan County

270 Individual Betsy Ross: Did She or Didn't She? Kaylee Kniceley Marion County

271 Individual Betsy Ross Payton Whitt Mason County

272 Individual Stamping Living Heroes Jamie Pilkins Mercer County

273 Individual U.S. Aviation Past-Present-Future Wesley Wilson Mingo County

274 Individual The History of the Wright Brothers Laura Leach Morgan County

275 Individual Does the George Fall Far From the Bush Jamie Sparks Mcdowell County

276 Individual The Red Ear of Corn and the Kiss Andrew Anderson Nicholas County

277 Individual Battle of Peleliu Vanessa Hotlosz Ohio County

278 Individual Fact or Fiction:Quilts Were Used as a Code During the Civil War

JerraKia Cottrill Pleasants County

279 Individual U.S. Merchant Marines Chloe Bland Pocahontas County

280 Individual The American Victory at the Battle of Cowpens Joshua Underwood Raleigh County

281 Individual Did the Underground Railroad use a Quilt Code? Jessica Haugh Ritchie County

282 Individual What Was the Mystery of the "Lost Lens"? Clinton Hardman Ritchie County

283 Individual SR71 'Blackbird'-What was America's Plan? Luke Hottle Roane County

284 Individual What Happened at Pearl Harbor? Allison Fox Summers County

285 Individual Who Were The Wright Brothers Caitlin Hebb Tucker County

286 Individual The Underground Railroad Adrianne Rine Tyler County

287 Individual What's the History Behind Babe Ruth? Michelle Davis Webster County

288 Individual Antietem Trey Leonard Wetzel County

289 Individual Windtalkers and WWII Sean Earley Wood County

290 Pair History of the United States' Flag Brooklyn TalleyAmara Yoak

Calhoun County

291 Pair History of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Erin HudnallBrittney Lesher

Fayette County

292 Pair 9/11 The Twin Towers Levi MorrisJerama Staurt

Gilmer County

293 Pair The Assassination of John Kennedy Seth ThompsonGrant Basagic

Grant County

294 Pair How did the Underground Railroad Ignite a Nation? Cody CorbinAutumn Chaney

Hampshire County

295 Pair Juliette Low: The First Girl Scout We Know Megan MinnixPaige Haning

Harrison County

296 Pair What Do You Know About Roller Skating? September RoyCody Lawrence

Kanawha County

297 Pair United States Immigration Then and Now Nicholas TabidzeAmanda Weber

Berkeley County

298 Pair Gettysburg - Why Was It the Most Important Battle of the Civil War?

Corey BaileyBilly Hall

Logan County

299 Pair How did the Civil War begin? Sara FriendBrittany Monell

Marion County

300 Pair Women of the Mayflower Rachel AyersRebekah Dunham

Mason County

301 Pair Unknown Soldier: Who's In the Tomb? Kody CaseyCody Beck

Mercer County

302 Pair 9-11: The Fall of the Twin Towers Paige PraterNick Allen

Mingo County

303 Pair The Wright Flight Zach WhiteBrady Smith

Morgan County

304 Pair Who put the Cat in the Hat Kaitlyn JohnsonBrittany Tester

Mcdowell County

305 Pair Did She Attempt Fate to Be a Flying Ace? Addison MullinsMorgan Butera

Raleigh County

306 Pair Who were the Heroes of 9-11? Taylor HaddoxKayla Sheets

Ritchie County

307 Pair The Statue of Liberty Ashley ColemanLauren Reichard

Roane County

308 Pair Twin Towers Brandon BooneDale Salmons

Summers County

309 Pair Pearl Habor: What Really Happened? Heather SuterMadeline Schlabowski

Tyler County

310 Pair The Lost Colony of Roanoke Haley CollinsShae Massey

Webster County

311 Pair The Pinkertons Cody BassettBryan Sell

Wetzel County

312 Pair Conductor of the Underground Railraod: Harriet Tubman

Chantae MathenyTasha Dawson

Wirt County

313 Pair Henry Ford and his Model T Austin LaymanBrice Games

Wood County

World History

314 Individual Dinosaurs and People Aaron Dawson-Jarvis Calhoun County

315 Individual Chinese New Year Katie Walker Calhoun County

316 Individual Was the B25 Raid on Tokoyo Successful? Drew Hansen Fayette County

317 Individual History of Dirt Bikes Cam Kinder Gilmer County

318 Individual Princess Diana Paige Mauzy Grant County

319 Individual Cleopatra VII: Fact or Fiction? Aaron Smith Hampshire County

320 Individual Franz Schubert Heather McKibben Harrison County

321 Individual Medieval Weaponry Jordan Fleet Kanawha County

322 Individual D-Day: Return To Europe Matthew McCabe Berkeley County

323 Individual Where Are You Going, Christopher Columbus? Jeremy Tipton Logan County

324 Individual Castle Construction Stephen Selby Marion County

325 Individual Mystery of the Pyramids Marissa Snyder Mason County

326 Individual D-Day Was It Just Another Day at the Beach? Matthew Kessinger Mercer County

327 Individual Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor? Noel Bradford Mingo County

328 Individual Hitler and Hussein: Terror Reigns Hayden Vermillion Morgan County

329 Individual The Pentagon Shawn Cheeks Mcdowell County

330 Individual The History of Soccer Nate Sproles Nicholas County

331 Individual Qin Terra Cotta Wariors Deryn Martin Ohio County

332 Individual The Everyday Life in a Nazi Concentration Camp Jamie Boothe Pocahontas County

333 Individual The Misunderstood Titanic Brandon Gage Cook Raleigh County

334 Individual What's So Great About the Wall of China? Josh Haddox Ritchie County

335 Individual Baseball in Panama:Sport or a Way Out? Justin Dynes Roane County

336 Individual Space Exploration Taran McKinney Summers County

337 Individual Who Was Galileo? Dylan Canfield Tucker County

338 Individual The Roman Colisium Jackie Clark Tyler County

339 Individual Was This The First Flag Raising at Iwo Jima? Cheyenne Heubi Webster County

340 Individual Unsinkable Ship Kayla Robinson Wetzel County

341 Individual Wright Brothers: 12 Seconds that Changed the World Iain Douglas Wood County

342 Pair The Wright Brothers Stewart FitzwaterJoe Overbaugh

Calhoun County

343 Pair Titanic-Huge and Powerful Katie FlintCierra Minter

Fayette County

344 Pair Lady Liberty Samantha GoldizenKaitlin Brown

Grant County

345 Pair Who Gets Called Up Brooke HottLyndsay Whetzel

Hampshire County

346 Pair How a Boy Like Me Became a Knight Nolan TucciTom Angotti

Harrison County

347 Pair Roman Coins Julia KniselyLawson Knisely

Kanawha County

348 Pair Tapping Through The Years Emily RogersKelsey Stolipher

Berkeley County

349 Pair What Secrets Do the Pyramids Hold? Taylor EllisLara Sedlock

Logan County

350 Pair How Much Do You Know About Adolf Hitler? Lashley MillsRebecca Horner

Marion County

351 Pair Titanic - How was she built Katie DavisCynthia Peck

Mason County

352 Pair What Is Cirque Du Soleil? Kayli WilliamsMark Sampson

Mercer County

353 Pair The Years of Infamy Aaron ClarkPatrick Piedad

Mingo County

354 Pair Great Wall of China James SheltonDevon Johnson

Mcdowell County

355 Pair Soccer Through the Ages Matthew Brian PrelazTravis Austin Cole

Raleigh County

356 Pair Why is December 7,1941, A Day That Will Live in Infamy?

James FosterIsaiah Smith

Ritchie County

357 Pair Cruising Through Korea-A Tour of South Korea Brittany GrayClarissa Starcher

Roane County

358 Pair Titanic Danielle HarmonKaylin Williams

Summers County

359 Pair The History and Mystery of Stonehenge Zach PelikanJayson Keller

Tyler County

360 Pair Race Dogs of the Iditarod Crystal GroundsBobbie Payne

Webster County

361 Pair Muzzle Loaders Ronald MorrisEric Byard

Wetzel County

362 Pair How did Coca-Cola Become so Popular? Katherine GonzalesTaylor Fordyce

Wood County

Division II# Type Title Presenter(s) County


363 Individual How did Native Americans Survive? Brandon Masiarczyk Calhoun County

364 Individual My Family History/A Study in Genealogy Meghann Long Fayette County

365 Individual Preservation or Starvation Matt Roberts Gilmer County

366 Individual Folksy Females Leslie Hencke Grant County

367 Individual Is It a Fiddle or a Violin? Matthew Wolford Hampshire County

368 Individual Pyramids: A Look Into an Ancient World Natasha Dolan Harrison County

369 Individual Dreamtime: How does it influence Aboriginal Art? Jessica Harrison Jefferson County

370 Individual The 12 Disciples That Were Chosen: Who Were They?

Rheana Auvil Kanawha County

371 Individual Secrets in Stone Brooke Wachtel Berkeley County

372 Individual Stairway to Heaven Addison Dalton Logan County

373 Individual The Amish: Have Modern Times Affected Their Lives?

Jonna J. Potoczny Marion County

374 Individual How did they move Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Savannah Marr Mason County

375 Individual Islam, Judaism, Christianity: How Do They Compare?

Matthew Lilly Mercer County

376 Individual All Tied Up: The History of Cordage Matthew Idleman Mineral County

377 Individual Amish Education Lance Hovermale Morgan County

378 Individual World of the Afterlife Linsi Pauley Mcdowell County

379 Individual When did we start chewing gum? Kiy Tywoniw Pocahontas County

380 Individual Are You Sure You Want to SUPER SIZE That? Madison Bowles Raleigh County

381 Individual Jane Goodall A Champ for Chimps Rachel co*keley Ritchie County

382 Individual Cultures of I.C.T.P. Keith Surbaugh Summers County

383 Individual Creation vs. Evolution Sarah McMullen Tyler County

384 Individual A Pirate's Life Chance McCoy Webster County

385 Individual The Iceman of the Alps Tara Koontz Wetzel County

386 Individual Vikings Nathan Burdette Wood County

387 Pair Pyramids Melissa JarvisKayla Miller

Calhoun County

388 Pair Ghosts, Do You Believe in Them? Ashley RobinsonJessica Chaney

Hampshire County

389 Pair Indians: How Far Have We Come? Rebecca GaleyMariah Viglianco

Harrison County

390 Pair Comparing Daily Life and Religion in Ancient Greece and Rome

Candice ArnwineAndrew Orsie

Jefferson County

391 Pair What Is Diabetes? Crystal NealKanisha Booker

Kanawha County

392 Pair Why Mummify? Kaitlyn MillerEmerald Bond

Berkeley County

393 Pair Pioneers - How They Lived Laura HatfieldBijal Patel

Logan County

394 Pair ICEMAN Lindsey DodrillMichelle Wimer

Marion County

395 Pair Angels: Are they Real Katie WilsonTessa Tarker

Mason County

396 Pair Dragons, Myth or Reality Billy DempseySamantha Lane

Mingo County

397 Pair Faeries Scarlett KerwinJessie McLaughlin

Morgan County

398 Pair Egyptian Hieroglyphics Reba GrahavacBrittney McCrosky

Mcdowell County

399 Pair Horseback Riding Ashley AmosElizabeth Hughes

Nicholas County

400 Pair Holo Mai Pele: The Mythical Story Jeanette StoneCheri Bunner

Ritchie County

401 Pair Who Were the Mayans? Chris FieldsStephen Thomas

Roane County

402 Pair Amish: What Are Their Beliefs? Mallory HardyKimberly Smith

Tucker County

403 Pair The History of Black Bears Laci BraggCourtney Sandy

Webster County

404 Pair Mummies of Egypt Heather GoodrichTaylor Pyles

Wetzel County

405 Pair Endangered Today - Extinct Tomorrow Cassie CrihfieldElicia Tedrow

Wetzel County

406 Pair Crosses, Crosses, Everywhere! Abbey JusticeAbby Haines

Wood County


407 Class How can I get in a History Book? Andrew ArthurAlisha Arthur

Calhoun County

408 Class Cinderella, Tales from around the World Laken VitaJessica Veltri

Harrison County

409 Class David Thompson, Canadian Explorer: Did This "Forgotten Frontiersman" Assure Success for Lewis & Clark?

Dustin DurhamJessica Martin

Kanawha County

410 Class Why Were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon a Wonder?

Morgan Stadvec Mercer County

411 Class Coming of Age: How Do We Compare? Ethan BrowningAmanda Justice

Mingo County

412 Class Is a Stoplight Needed? Josh WiseDevin Walsh

Morgan County

413 Class In What Ways Did Sputnik Influence Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Chris HaleAustin Coleman

Mcdowell County

414 Class Pearl Harbor Kody KocelZachariah Stewart

Wood County


415 Individual 50 State Quarters Cody Grogg Gilmer County

416 Individual A Stomp in the Economy Brittany Hawk Grant County

417 Individual Walking Through the History of McDonalds Kayla Hott Hampshire County

418 Individual Value of Money Kitrina Daughenbaugh Harrison County

419 Individual What do you know about food on the go? Larkin Judd Jefferson County

420 Individual To Clutch Or Not To Clutch? Mary Harper Kanawha County

421 Individual Prepare For the Future, Build Panhandle Lake Now! Brandon Noll Berkeley County

422 Individual An American Evolution Matthew Capua Logan County

423 Individual ebay: Is It Worth It? Matthew Perrella Marion County

424 Individual Foreign Currency Exchange Kerry Gibbs Mason County

425 Individual Scarcity of Diamonds or Scarcity of Truth? Diane Shahan Mercer County

426 Individual Wall Street Megan Webb Mineral County

427 Individual How Does Tourism Affect WV Economy? Meghan Daniels Mingo County

428 Individual Trolleys: Are They Making a Comeback? Mary Schultz Morgan County

429 Individual Medicine Money...Why are Drugs Priced So High? Caity Grizzell Mcdowell County

430 Individual Commemorative State Quarters Abby Walton Nicholas County

431 Individual Can you really afford that car? Seth Mitchell Pocahontas County

432 Individual Can You Afford to Die? Douglas Poe Raleigh County

433 Individual Fine-Feathered Finances Madison Sergent Roane County

434 Individual Trapping: Is It Profitable? Lee Falls Tucker County

435 Individual Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili Linsey Cowger Webster County

436 Individual Do Away with the Cent - Does It Make Sense Ethan Drain Wetzel County

437 Individual Can I Make the Money? Christopher Kincaid Wood County

438 Pair You are what THEY eat! Jessica CosgroveArla Lane

Calhoun County

439 Pair Chocolate and a Chance Shayna WichaelJessica Kesner

Grant County

440 Pair The Kroger Strike Kelci StrombergJordan Lanham

Harrison County

441 Pair Addictions And Advertising: Who'S Out To Get You?

Javiera JacksonClaire Oliver

Kanawha County

442 Pair Harley Davidson: More Than a Motorcycle Kristen ChafinKatie Scaggs

Logan County

443 Pair The Great Depression Sara K. MillerBrittany Duim

Marion County

444 Pair Got Milk: Dairy Cows Do Jessica RobinsonHeather Freeman

Mason County

445 Pair Horses: Pleasure or Profit? Ashleigh PriceAmanda Stone

Mercer County

446 Pair P.T. Barnum Chloe BankenshipKim Smith

Mingo County

447 Pair How Did Railways Affect the 20th Century U.S. Economy?

Joey HansrothMark Carter

Morgan County

448 Pair Madame C.J. Walker Dallas SparksStephen Kitchen

Mcdowell County

449 Pair Economic Impact of Hurricane Andrew Staci DillonCallie Hayes

Summers County

450 Pair McDonalds: How Did They Supersize It? Emily JonesKristin Ritter

Tucker County

451 Pair Hydrogen-Power: Can It Save America's Economy? Cullen GroverA.J. Riggenbach

Tyler County

452 Pair Harley Davidson--From 1903 to the Ultimate Machine

Andi VucichAlyssa Miller

Webster County

453 Pair Ladies Fashion over the Years Chelsea KuhnTaralyn Phillips

Wetzel County


454 Individual Why Kitty Hawk? Caleb Pancione Hampshire County

455 Individual The Great Wall of China Elijah Moreno Harrison County

456 Individual Why protect the Rainforest? Chris Adams Jefferson County

457 Individual Has Switzerland'S Geography Affected Its History? Ryan Shank Kanawha County

458 Individual Venice - The Sinking City Emily Everson Berkeley County

459 Individual Hurricanes and Tornadoes: How are They Alike and How are They Different?

Haylee Rosenberger Marion County

460 Individual Smoke Hole Caverns: A World of Natural Beauty Betsy Francis Marshall County

461 Individual Where are some unusual places to visit in the U.S. Jolisha Cundiff Mason County

462 Individual Gray Wolves: Social Interaction Nicole Love Mineral County

463 Individual Canada vs. U.S.: Differences Chelsie Corsa Morgan County

464 Individual Touring Washington D.C. Our Nations Resting Place Tesia Muth Mcdowell County

465 Individual The Great Barrier Reef Jacob Schweizer Ohio County

466 Individual History of Weather Balloons Laken Hottle Roane County

467 Individual How to Produce Coal from an Underground Mine Zachary Simmons Webster County

468 Individual Wolves: Journey Home JoDana Simpson Wetzel County

469 Individual Sculpture Under the Sea: The Great Barrier Reef Kara Smith Wood County

470 Pair Wolves and People Kristin DawsonAshley Reed

Calhoun County

471 Pair Layopolis: What Happened to the Oil Town? Rae LowtherAmber Shackleford

Gilmer County

472 Pair Hawaii...Last But Not Least Emma MartinSamantha Dongoski

Grant County

473 Pair A Cool Drink of Water (The water treatment cycle) Isaiah ChaneyOliver Douthitt

Hampshire County

474 Pair Favorite States Kelsi EspinozaMarleena Ashcraft

Harrison County

475 Pair The Bermuda Triangle... Myth Or Reality? Taylor GiorgioErin O'Neil

Kanawha County

476 Pair Mt. Everest - Beauty or Beast? Taylor ViscountDevon McDaniel

Berkeley County

477 Pair Antarctica: A Continent of Mystery Michael AdkinsChris Evans

Logan County

478 Pair Sewage/Runoff: Is it a Growing Problem? Isaiah HarmonJerico Offutt

Marion County

479 Pair Tsunai Tiffany RoushBreanna Smith

Mason County

480 Pair How Would Rainforest Depletion Affect Living Things?

Ariel PenningtonAmanda Pigg

Mercer County

481 Pair Rainforest - Why Care? Nathan BaisdenBryan Cantrell

Mingo County

482 Pair Trail of Tears Heather EppersonJessica Prater

Mcdowell County

483 Pair Living With Cicadas Ridgely BoggsMaggie Williams

Webster County

484 Pair Man vs. Animal Sarah WilsonCassidy Keller

Wood County

Political Science

485 Individual Our County Government Brandy Farley Gilmer County

486 Individual War on Iraq Samuel Myers Grant County

487 Individual Eleanor Roosevelt: A new kind of First Lady Ryan Kerns Hampshire County

488 Individual How to Run For Office in Harrison County Luke Kopp Harrison County

489 Individual How the President is elected in the USA Elizabeth Frawley Jefferson County

490 Individual Who Holds the Key To Peace? Erica Shen Kanawha County

491 Individual The EPA: Past, Present & Future Louis Novotny Berkeley County

492 Individual Separation of Church and State - Where Do We Draw the Line?

Hali Akers Logan County

493 Individual What is the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans?

Jonathan Haun Marion County

494 Individual Rights and Responsibilities Chelesa Byer Mason County

495 Individual Crime Busters: Will There Ever be a Perfect Crime? Rebecca King Mercer County

496 Individual One Nation Under God Staci Wolford Mineral County

497 Individual Washington, D.C.: State or Not? Jon Bobbera Mingo County

498 Individual Women in Politics Tyna Marshall Mcdowell County

499 Individual Religious Rights Guaranteed Jerad Hoover Nicholas County

500 Individual The Politics of the Patriot Act Ethan Lash Pocahontas County

501 Individual Girl Power! How Does the 19th Amendment Affect My Future?

Margaret Lazenby Raleigh County

502 Individual Jon Benet: When Will There Be Final Justice? Chelsi Primavereo Tucker County

503 Individual Sunday Hunting: Pros and Cons Ashley Holliday Webster County

504 Individual Old Glory Michael Roten Wood County

505 Pair WV Hunter Safety William RadcliffLuke Montgomery

Gilmer County

506 Pair The Effect of Taking Bible Reading and Prayer Out of Public School

Kalah LipscombBrittany Huet

Harrison County

507 Pair Got Immigrants? Elisabeth DuncanKassidy Bird

Berkeley County

508 Pair Our Heroes - W.V. State Police Whitney CopleyCourtney Lewis

Logan County

509 Pair Juvenile Arrest: What Happens? Alicia LongBrittney Phillips

Marion County

510 Pair Do Our Votes Count? Randi RoushBeth Rollins

Mason County

511 Pair Electoral Votes: Do We Really Elect a President? Kortney JewellKayla Neace

Mingo County

512 Pair Careers Before Their Presidency Megan WhittAnna Muncy

Mcdowell County

513 Pair How Does A Bill Become A Law? Brittany HardyMiranda Trader

Tucker County


514 Individual Serial Killers: Born or Made? Ashley Woodford Gilmer County

515 Individual Seabiscuit.......The Ultimate Underdog Emily Duling Grant County

516 Individual Survival Instincts, What Does It Take? Dana Veach Hampshire County

517 Individual Did They Die in Vain? (Monongah Mining Disaster) Amber Riley Harrison County

518 Individual Sleep Deprivation: Are you a victim? Sarah White Jefferson County

519 Individual What Are the Leading Factors That Cause Night Terrors?

Chelsea Cobb Kanawha County

520 Individual Petty in Pink, Do Words Really Hurt? Megan Hutson Berkeley County

521 Individual What Is the Enneagram? Taylor Miller Logan County

522 Individual Sport Psychology: Essential for Peak Performance? Christian Cummings Marion County

523 Individual You Deserve a Break Today Brittany Sayre Mason County

524 Individual To Smoke or Not to Smoke? Josh Gravely Mercer County

525 Individual OCD: Who's In Charge? Benjamin cl*tes Mineral County

526 Individual The Diary of an Only Child "You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea"

Kaitlin B. Lester Mingo County

527 Individual How Does TV Violence Affect Children? Amanda Waltman Morgan County

528 Individual What Drives a Mad Man Laura Brinkley Mcdowell County

529 Individual Legos: Building Creativity Gabreal Beck Pocahontas County

530 Individual Lottery Gambling in WV Margaux Siegel Raleigh County

531 Individual Cloning Ryan Carper Roane County

532 Individual How Can English Speakers Learn Spanish By Using Cognates and Word Patterns?

Julianna Warner Tucker County

533 Individual Autism: Putting the Pieces Together Kayla Wolford Webster County

534 Individual What is a Bomb Dog? Kelly Kramer Wood County

535 Pair Movie Ratings: Do People Use Them? Amie CarilliBriana Blankenship

Calhoun County

536 Pair Does Birth Order Affect Your Family? Emma HickmanMelissa Cole

Gilmer County

537 Pair Symbolism Through the Looking Glass Amanda LeslieWhitnery Kuhn

Grant County

538 Pair Being a Teenager...Fun, Right? Joslyn JudyBrooke Buckley

Hampshire County

539 Pair The Power of Laughter Tiffany OldakerAmanda Wilcox

Harrison County

540 Pair Cannibalism: Who'S For Lunch? Kate DavisRawaa Haffar

Kanawha County

541 Pair The Urge To Splurge: Are You Addicted to Shopping?

Katie BeckKristen Procter

Berkeley County

542 Pair Haunted Lighthouses - Ghostly Tales or Spooky Facts Krysten SmithRebecca Williamson

Logan County

543 Pair Altruism: How Helpful Are We? Chelsea WheelerSara Hall

Marion County

544 Pair Which Personality are you? Trey CrumpJacob Jarrell

Mason County

545 Pair Jim Jones: Messiah or Madman? Micah ChildersKatlyn Looney

Mingo County

546 Pair Did Teasing Provoke the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Michael SisensteinCody Young

Morgan County

547 Pair Right and Left Bain Heather CressRebecca Key

Mcdowell County

548 Pair Classical Music...Is It Noteworthy? Ashley McNealMorgan Bryant

Raleigh County

549 Pair What is in a Name? Laura CarpenterLeandra Villers

Ritchie County

550 Pair Holocaust Josh NicholsEthan Truman

Roane County

551 Pair Juvenile Bipolar Disorder Lindsay WhaleyAutumn Eddy

Tyler County

552 Pair What Really Happened to Elizabeth Smart? Brittany ClutterTiffany Carpenter

Webster County

554 Pair Phobias -- What is Yours? Samantha WadeLisa Teagarden

Wetzel County

555 Pair The Harry Potter Phenomenon:Its Influence on Children, Good or Evil?

Elizabeth McCormickHilary Landers

Wood County


556 Individual What would the world be like without Rosa Parks? Krista Moss Calhoun County

557 Individual Do You Know Where Your Children Are? Dilon Felegie Gilmer County

558 Individual Food Pantries Feed Families Jessica Hinkle Grant County

559 Individual Why is Scooby Doo the most loved animated dog? June Simms Hampshire County

560 Individual Firefighting: For Love or Money? Roger Luchuck Harrison County

561 Individual It's S-K-A like U-S-A Hilary Grabowska Jefferson County

562 Individual Organ Donation Adn the Miracle It Brought My Family

Jordan Thompson Kanawha County

563 Individual Home Sweet Home, What Do You Do When You Don't Have One?

Hannah Marie Carter Berkeley County

564 Individual The Orphan Train: Were They the First Era of Foster Care?

Brett Bentley Logan County

565 Individual Morals in America: Are They Going in the Right Direction?

James Haldeman Marion County

566 Individual Fanny Crosby: To see or not to see Hannah Workman Mason County

567 Individual Splitsville Through a Child's Eyes Casey Perkins Mercer County

568 Individual How the Development of Cars Affected American History and Lifestyle

Kara Owens Mineral County

569 Individual Is Factory Farming Another Word for Animal Cruelty?

Brianna Mounts Mingo County

570 Individual Rock n Roll In Black and White Aaron Moss Morgan County

571 Individual American Bandstand Aimee Stacy Mcdowell County

572 Individual Ghosts Scott Stewart Nicholas County

573 Individual It's All About Balance Caitlin Sharp Pocahontas County

574 Individual Emmett Till, The Last Straw Margaux Siegel Raleigh County

575 Individual Bollywood Society Melanie Hussain Roane County

576 Individual The Organ Kyle Lively Summers County

577 Individual What Is The AKC? Mary Smith Tucker County

578 Individual From Foster Care to the Moon: My Grandfather's Story

Alexandra White Webster County

579 Individual WICCA Brianna Hathaway Wirt County

580 Individual How has Tobacco Affected Society Throughout History?

Jacob Cordonier Wood County

581 Pair Am I a Hillbilly? Rebecca McNishBrittany Greathouse

Calhoun County

582 Pair Laughter or Lifesaver Whitney CookBrooke Landis

Grant County

583 Pair Carlisle Indian School-Erasing a Culture Ashlyn HainesRachel Timbrook

Hampshire County

584 Pair Take the Bully by the Horns Katherine GrissoJessica Trickett

Harrison County

585 Pair Overcrowding in school and buses, does it contribute to violence?

Amber HobgoodRenee Ritenour

Jefferson County

586 Pair The Hope Diamond: Is It Really Cursed/ Hope BraggKassie Cosgrove

Kanawha County

587 Pair Signing: The Finger Spelling Language Lauren HenryNatasha Scott

Berkeley County

588 Pair Why Some Animals Are Endangered? Samantha SaboRebecca Watts

Logan County

589 Pair Racism Has the African American Struggle Ended? Ariel MasturzoKarissa Baker

Marion County

590 Pair Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Samantha CarmenChanda Bright

Mason County

591 Pair Obesity J. D. SammonsJackie Moore

Mercer County

592 Pair Dick and Jane: What Was the American Dream? Dalton BaileyNathan Butcher

Mingo County

593 Pair Football or NASCAR: Which One Is Ruling the 21st Century?

Chelsea FoxStephanie Handlos

Morgan County

594 Pair Starving in the Land of Plenty Raven MooreBrianna Smith

Mcdowell County

595 Pair Dogs & Cats: What is the Importance of Controlling Pet Population?

Aleesha BraggEric Bailey

Nicholas County

596 Pair Do Tobacco Advertisem*nts Target Teens? Morgan ArmsteadBrittani Holbert

Roane County

597 Pair Respect the Flag Lindy CrookTori Powell

Summers County

598 Pair How Have Audio Devices Changed Over The Years? Libby SmithDakota Muha

Tucker County

599 Pair Uniborn Babies at Risk Alison WatsonChelsee Thompson

Tyler County

600 Pair Eminem Without Me Christina DavisKim Quinn

Webster County

601 Pair Rosie the Riveter Chelsie HigginsSamantha Hunter

Wetzel County

602 Pair What Is Your Sign? Brandy MullinsLeanna Burton

Wirt County

603 Pair Alzheimers Disease: Is the Family the Real Victim? Hannah MooreOlivia Hoschar

Wood County

State & Local Studies

604 Individual Timbering in WV Triea Gregory Calhoun County

605 Individual Behind the Sport: Dressage Mariah Criste Fayette County

606 Individual FK Stevens Makes History on the River Noah Kinder Gilmer County

607 Individual St. John's Academy Johanna Harman Grant County

608 Individual WV Recycling: Old Building Finds New Life Brice Clagett Harrison County

609 Individual Who were the prehistoric people of West Virginia? Eliza Wallace Jefferson County

610 Individual How Was Eleanor Part of Roosevelt'S New Deal? Lauren Dittebrand Kanawha County

611 Individual The Burning Of Fort Seybert Clay Raines Berkeley County

612 Individual What Is R.D. Bailey Dam's History & How Does It Affect Logan?

Amanda Williamson Logan County

613 Individual West Virginia Coal Mining 1900's Ariana Lowe Marion County

614 Individual 4-H Mason County Style Rachel Carr Mason County

615 Individual The Mothman and the Silver Bridge Shey Dillon Mercer County

616 Individual 23 Walked In...None Walked Out Chad Clemons Mineral County

617 Individual A West Virginia Hero: Who Is Jessica Lynch? Whitney Baisden Mingo County

618 Individual Mail Pouch: Is Time Chewing Away At Our History? Rachel Buser Morgan County

619 Individual The Spirit of Big Creek Will Never Die Tracey Hatfield Mcdowell County

620 Individual What's Down Under? Gad & Sparks Mark Moore Nicholas County

621 Individual Button,Button,Who's Got the Button?...St.Marys Caroline Bailey Pleasants County

622 Individual History of Pennsboro Fire Department Tyler White Ritchie County

623 Individual The History of Cass Scenic Railroad Matt Abbott Roane County

624 Individual Cass Railroad: How Has It Changed Over The Years?

Brent Kidwell Tucker County

625 Individual December 3, 1981...and the Walls Came Tumbling Down

Morgan Tanner Webster County

626 Individual Hatfield vs McCoys Rusty Drain Wetzel County

627 Individual Spencer State Hospital Dakota Harper Wirt County

628 Individual West Virginia State Capitol Morgan Marlow Wood County

629 Pair Flooding in Grantsville, WV Jesse KeeslerCaleb Hart

Calhoun County

630 Pair Marsh Memorial Poker Run: A Town Remembers Tessa HickmanSarah Broome

Gilmer County

631 Pair Staying Alive with the Help of Trooper 5 Caleb NazelrodtChelsie Nazelrodt

Grant County

632 Pair Mothman, Fact or Fiction Katie HouseholderBrittany Parker

Hampshire County

633 Pair WI Yesterday and Today Katie WarneMeredith Ward

Harrison County

634 Pair Mothman....Fact or Fiction Taylor MendzelaCassie Roby

Jefferson County

635 Pair Is It Time For a New Sissonville Middle School? Autumn MartinSydney Cummings

Kanawha County

636 Pair Panhandle Family Homeschools - The French and Indian War In Our Hometown

Jamie MarrsMelinda Batey

Berkeley County

637 Pair The Aracoma Story Brianna BrownAngel Curtiss

Logan County

638 Pair MOTHMAN: Do You believe? Andrew BonassoJeffrey Jay Adams

Marion County

639 Pair Last Hanging in West Virginia Kyle RogersLuke Pearson

Mason County

640 Pair WSAZ: The Role of Channel 3 in WV Broadcasting History

Carly BranchAndrew West

Mingo County

641 Pair Coal Facts Zachary LockhartSteven Ford

Mcdowell County

642 Pair Indian Mounds of West Virginia Elijah BennettCurtis Rea

Pleasants County

643 Pair Shenandoah Campaign Ben WardIssac Ward

Roane County

644 Pair The Curse of Point Pleasant Samantha SkaggsMegan Williams

Summers County

645 Pair A Leap for West Virginia Grant PerrineBrandon Carpenter

Webster County

646 Pair The Mothman Tayla SimpsonBrittany Hawkins

Wetzel County

647 Pair Building Blocks Academy: How did it come to be? Sammie ValentineBecca Haught

Wood County

U.S. History

648 Individual The USS Constellation Ivana Rosiek Fayette County

649 Individual Carnifex Ferry Julia Navicki Fayette County

650 Individual Title IX - 1972 Landmark Legislation Rebecca Pollard Fayette County

651 Individual Man Walks on the Moon Malarie Ours Grant County

652 Individual Lifestyle of Teachers in the 1800's Kaycee Adams Hampshire County

653 Individual Influenza Pandemic of 1918: Could It Happen Again?

Kevan O'Rear Harrison County

654 Individual All Aboard Christina Hammond Jefferson County

655 Individual The Battle of Gettysburg Andy Shamblin Kanawha County

656 Individual What A Deal! The Louisiana Purchase Cody C. Steffick Berkeley County

657 Individual Do You Know Lady Liberty? Michael Greene Logan County

658 Individual The Wright Brothers and 100 Years of Flight Tricia L. Dunn Marion County

659 Individual Edgar Allen Poe Jacob Lynch Marshall County

660 Individual History of Alcatraz Brice Barnitz Mason County

661 Individual How Did the Pony Express Serve the West? Jeremy Cline Mercer County

662 Individual Boy Scouts of Ocraco*ke Logan Holshey Mineral County

663 Individual The World of Ben Franklin Dustin Steele Mingo County

664 Individual The Oregon Trail Through the Eyes of a Woman Kayla Dolby Morgan County

665 Individual Remember the Alamo Severen Cappolo Mcdowell County

666 Individual Who Were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark? Jacob Harper Nicholas County

667 Individual Radiology Then and Now Cody Mitchell Ohio County

668 Individual Wilbur & Orville Wright: Two High Flying Guys Joel Galford Pocahontas County

669 Individual Medal of Honor, A Tribute to America's Heroes Robert Samuel Dilley Raleigh County

670 Individual Who Is Clara Barton and Why Is She Important? Leslie Barton Tucker County

671 Individual The Assassination of JFK Carey Felton Tyler County

672 Individual 100th Anniversary of Flight Josh Hamrick Webster County

673 Individual US Presidents: Out of the Office and Why Eric Croasmun Wetzel County

674 Individual What Will I See in Hawaii? Meghan Schreckengost Wirt County

675 Individual U.S. Immigration Maggie Boelter Wood County

676 Pair What was the purpose of the Boston Tea Party? Kari FrameMisty Nichols

Calhoun County

677 Pair First Controlled Flight Josh ShobeMichael Haggerty

Grant County

678 Pair The Four Most Famous Guys in Rock Jasmine DouthittKelsey Green

Hampshire County

679 Pair Could We Have Known About Pearl Harbor? Nathan MaditzGregory Maditz

Harrison County

680 Pair Knights in White Kotton: Early Years of the Ku Klux Klan

Emily JenkinsTeresa Marmorella

Jefferson County

681 Pair Quilt Codes: Did They Help Slaves Escape? Caity CredeJulie Hypes

Kanawha County

682 Pair U.S.S. George Clymer Catherine BartonNatalie Ferretti

Berkeley County

683 Pair Defenders of the Sea Danielle PorterHali Watson

Logan County

684 Pair Salem Witch Trials Amanda WrayAllison Mayle

Marion County

685 Pair Bombing of Pearl Harbor Mackenzie StalnakerSamantha Tarker

Mason County

686 Pair There's No Place Like Nome - Follow the Iditarod Trail

Mary CampbellCameron Morgan

Mercer County

687 Pair Placing Out the Innocent: What Were Orphan Trains? Courtney BlankenshipDesirae Tilley

Mingo County

688 Pair Steel Driving Man Scarlet MuncyRebecca Cline

Mcdowell County

689 Pair What Happened at the Alamo Janiece LeggKaitlyn Shaffer

Nicholas County

690 Pair The Real American Hero -- GI Joe Zachary ChestnutJairus Morton

Pocahontas County

691 Pair The History of Basketball: How the Game Has Changed

Matt BrohardTrevor Cummings

Roane County

692 Pair Project Greek Island Kara WoodErin Basham

Summers County

693 Pair Who Were The Wright Brothers? Heather EyePatrick Myers

Tucker County

694 Pair Seabiscuit: The Little Horse That Saved a Nation Emma RuckerKim Kimble

Tyler County

695 Pair Ku Klux Klan--Monsters of America Cody RowanJosh Selman

Webster County

696 Pair Who were the Wright Brothers? Kristie ParkMichelle Morris

Wetzel County

697 Pair Anna Eleanor Roosevelt: A True American Heroine Heather FrazierDevan Ellison

Wirt County

698 Pair Project Greek Island: What Lies Behind These Doors?

Kasandra RuscittoTeresa Tokodi

Wood County

World History

699 Individual The Life of Princess Diana Tiffany Hulse Gilmer County

700 Individual Pirates of the Past Ashley Sites Grant County

701 Individual Mount Ararat Heather Duncan Hampshire County

702 Individual Travels of Marco Polo: Fact or Fiction? Elizabeth Baker Harrison County

703 Individual The Jew Who Dared Return Mikaela Roselius Jefferson County

704 Individual India'S Caste System Bayan Misaghi Kanawha County

705 Individual Evolution of Sound Recording Devices Stephanie Brooks Berkeley County

706 Individual Man's Best Friend Goes to War Brett Bently Logan County

707 Individual THE SPHINXES: What are the legends behind them?

Molly Carpenter Marion County

708 Individual WW II: Those who gave all Lindsey Deem Mason County

709 Individual The Battle of the Bulge . . . Did Germany Fight Fair? Tyler Faulkner Mercer County

710 Individual What Was the Holocaust? Kiersten Fazenbaker Mineral County

711 Individual The Guardian's Sphinx Michael Hatfield Mingo County

712 Individual Pompeii: The Necropolis Bethany Golliday Morgan County

713 Individual Terrorism or Holy War Hannah Smallwood Mcdowell County

714 Individual Pearl Harbor Cody Boone Nicholas County

715 Individual The Most Powerful Mogul Rulers in India Michele Maiden Pleasants County

716 Individual The Red Baron: What Made Baron von Richthofen the Most Renowed Military Pilot in History?

Ben Egan Pocahontas County

717 Individual WW II Weapons Ethan Epling Roane County

718 Individual The Holocaust of WWII Tasha Fotopolous Summers County

719 Individual What Is A Coat of Arms? Ashley Davis Tucker County

720 Individual The Discovery of the Titanic Lucas Rogers Tyler County

721 Individual The World of Nintendo Bryson Clevenger Webster County

722 Individual The Bering Land Bridge - Peopling of America Samanatha Goddard Wetzel County

723 Individual Chinese New Year Barbie Farley Wirt County

724 Individual How did Louis Pasteur Save Millions of Lives? Stephen Amos Wood County

725 Pair Marco Polo: A swimming pool game or a great explorer?

Sarah MooreAlex Sutro

Calhoun County

726 Pair Hitler vs. Jews Amanda EllysonBrittany McHenry

Gilmer County

727 Pair King Tutankhamen Haley AltAlyssa Jones

Grant County

728 Pair Maritime Mystery Joseph NicholsonMason Young

Hampshire County

729 Pair The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Carlos NavarroDillon Quinn

Harrison County

730 Pair Theobroma Cacao, the chocolate of the world Denise GreenbeckHolly Sullivan

Jefferson County

731 Pair Maya Ball: What Was It And Why? Andrew BerhorstSteven Young

Kanawha County

732 Pair The Diamond Duel Jake YoderAndrew Ayers

Berkeley County

733 Pair Who Built the Great Pyramid? Lauren SigmonJustin Simpkins

Logan County

734 Pair Pyramids Around the World Michelle LindseyChelsea Gallagher

Marion County

735 Pair Beethoven's Legacy Hannah ForemanJordan Smith

Mason County

736 Pair Leonardo Da Vinci: Was He More Than an Artist? Sasha PendletonMoriah Walker

Mercer County

737 Pair Who Was King Tut? Johnathan HatfieldDonovan Mounts

Mingo County

738 Pair Who Killed King Tut? Andrew BrockRobert Willard

Morgan County

739 Pair Ship of Dreams Tabitha PaulKristen Keyser

Mcdowell County

740 Pair What Was the Holocaust Jamela JohnstonNikki Green

Nicholas County

741 Pair Mola Aly ShauChannez Walker

Pleasants County

742 Pair Iwo Jima Sam RoseChris Reeser

Pocahontas County

743 Pair Marilyn Monroe Ellie AshCaroline Harris

Roane County

744 Pair How Did Nursey Rhymes Develop? Cailin PruntyLeesha Miller

Tyler County

745 Pair The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire and its Legacy

Charla DavisElizabeth Hardman

Webster County

746 Pair Titanic: the Voyage Jordan GorbyAubrey Greathouse

Wetzel County

747 Pair Who Was Cleopatra? Sarah SmithBrittany Williamson

Wirt County

748 Pair Poland Fights for Freedom Daniel DunnNicholas Drake

Wood County

Division III# Type Title Presenter(s) County


749 Individual Voodoo: Legend or Religion Kayla Cooper Calhoun County

750 Individual Austrailia: The Land Down Under Danielle Hammer Gilmer County

751 Individual Aargh! A Pirate's Life Ariel Buric Grant County

752 Individual Gaelige na hEireann: Language of Ireland, Past, Present, and Future

Preston Sundin Harrison County

753 Individual Lamanai: Walking in Ancient Footprints Jessica Hegedusich Jefferson County

754 Individual The History of Pain Relief Mathew Connelly Kanawha County

755 Individual Inuksuit: Guardians of the Arctic Kaitlin Irvine Berkeley County

756 Individual The Beatles and Their Music Jaimie Mayhorn Logan County

757 Individual THE SWASTIKA: Good Luck Charm or Symbol of Evil?

Neil Wallace Marion County

758 Individual History of Aphrodite Rebecca Cline Mason County

759 Individual Ancient Egyptian Mythology Mystic Miller Morgan County

760 Individual Biblical Archaeology Jessica Ferrell Mcdowell County

761 Individual Medicine: How Culture Has Affected Medicine Jeremy Prunty Tyler County

762 Pair Lifting the Veil: Then and Now Catherine PhillipsKaylie Adams

Hampshire County

763 Pair Korea, Then and Now Joseph DuPontChoi Ji-Wong

Harrison County

764 Pair Dragons: Mythical Monsters or Credible Creatures Greg NelsonAaron Huyett

Berkeley County

765 Pair Witchcraft: Magick vs. Magic Celi OlivetoVictoria Wheaton

Marion County

766 Pair Arbeit Macht Katie CulverTiffany Crum

Mason County

767 Pair Lord of the Rings; A Mythology for England Alyssa HickmanBrittany Davies

Wirt County


768 Class Landfills and Recycling: What Are the Choices Sasha StraderStephen Cowgill

Kanawha County

769 Class Do You See What I See? Eyewitness Testimony Jennifer ThompsonSarah Pearson

Berkeley County


770 Individual The Fur Trade Bryan Darby Gilmer County

771 Individual Exporting America Amber Makani Grant County

772 Individual Barbie: Selling Strong for 45 Years Kayla Medina Harrison County

773 Individual The Car of the Future: Tucker 48 Natalie Wenck Berkeley County

774 Individual Baby Costs What?! Mary Williams Logan County

775 Individual Curves Leah Eddy Mason County

776 Individual Crayons: How Are They Made? Dustin Lambert Pocahontas County

777 Individual The Fed's Role in the U.S. Economy Ronald Jacobs Wood County

778 Pair The Nose Knows Rebecca SimmermanLauren DeMarco

Harrison County

779 Pair Milton Hershey Ryan LoweryAlexandra Sneed

Kanawha County

780 Pair Nothing But Net Victoria PhillipsJake Billmyer

Berkeley County

781 Pair What Have You Done Henry Ford Michael PenaEthan Allan

Marion County

782 Pair Cosmetic Testing on Animals Margaret StephensMarianne Casey

Mason County

783 Pair Henry Ford: Was he more than just an automaker Megan SullivanDarrell Stevens

Mingo County

784 Pair Pepsi and co*ke: Which is Better? Minh Le ChauHiep Tran

Wirt County

785 Pair Always Low Prices, Always Wal-Mart Michelle WrightAbby Kern

Wood County


786 Individual Volocanoes: Smoking Mountains Chelsea Jones Calhoun County

787 Individual The California Gold Rush Stacey Swiger Gilmer County

788 Individual The Pyramids of Giza: Geographical Coincidence or Deliberate Design?

Rebekka Sloan Harrison County

789 Individual The Vanishing Giants-What Are They And Why Save Them?

Sean McDonald Berkeley County

790 Individual Rainforests Korie Cole Mason County

791 Individual Do Hurricanes Have a Silver Lining Tara Nicole Lester Mcdowell County

792 Individual The Red-Rose City Madison Cardenas Wood County

793 Pair The Rain Forest: World Natural Beauty Jasmine MillerPete Martinez

Hampshire County

794 Pair Where in the World is Tuvalu? Caitlin GloverAaron Regester

Harrison County

795 Pair Lewis and Clark Mark MullinsStephanie Hurley

Kanawha County

796 Pair As The World Turns Stephanie CadwaladerMaranda Poling

Berkeley County

797 Pair The Fifth Ocean - A New Discovery Steven RitzOtis Spaulding

Logan County

798 Pair What Is The Bermuda Triangle? Allie LongAnissa Knight

Marion County

799 Pair The Oregon Trail Luke EdmundsAlan Dye

Mason County

Political Science

800 Individual The Holocaust...Not Just Jews Aly Cummings Jefferson County

801 Individual Common Sense: America's Growing Paine? Catherine Wilkes Berkeley County

802 Individual War Journalism - War Footage or Political Footage? Josh Underwood Logan County

803 Individual The Fall of Great Empires: Is Ours Next? Bethany Rosser Marion County

804 Individual Little Liechtenstein Charlotte Bibbee Mason County

805 Individual Machiavelli Brandon Hagerman Mcdowell County

806 Individual Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990: Why Isn't WV Accessible?

Sherri Sloan Roane County

807 Individual Bully Beware: Amending a Bill Cassie Cunningham Tyler County

808 Pair Fingerprints Never Lie Brittney JonesSarah Lawson

Harrison County

809 Pair What Does Our Flag Symbolize? Allison GarnerNatasha Willis

Kanawha County

810 Pair To Buckle or Not? Does the Law Work? Lindsay CarlsonJennifer Allen

Berkeley County

811 Pair How newspapers affect politics J.C. HillRoger Hall

Mason County

812 Pair McArthyism Terri BrownKevin Richardson

Mcdowell County

813 Pair Women's Political Rise Tiffany HudsonHallie Herold

Pocahontas County


814 Individual Hitler's Madness Josh Funk Calhoun County

815 Individual Living with Seizures Dawnielle Schell Grant County

816 Individual Do Grocery Stores Influence What We Buy? Jennifer Carrico Harrison County

817 Individual Are You A Lunatic? Jeremiah Shore Berkeley County

818 Individual Music Therapy Emily L. Kerns Marion County

819 Individual Hooved Helpers: Rebecca Durst Mason County

820 Pair When Kids Have Kids Amber WiseAudra Rohrbaugh

Grant County

821 Pair Mirror: Friend or Foe? Brittany NicholsKim Morris

Harrison County

822 Pair While You Were Sleeping? Emily BurkhartHolly Gross

Berkeley County

823 Pair Golf and Your Mind Katie CyfersPatrick Duty

Logan County

824 Pair Child Abuse: Just How Far is Too Far Terra FranksSamantha Hoffman

Marion County

825 Pair Birth Order Kristen BatemanMegan Wamsley

Mason County

826 Pair Laughter - The Best Medicine Kelly CurryPam Evans

Mingo County

827 Pair Phobias: What People are Afraid of and Why Donna CiprianiNacole Hagerman

Mcdowell County

828 Pair Awakenings: What Are The Psychological Effects of Encephalitis Lethargica?

Kelly FallsCourtney Streets

Tucker County

829 Pair Pageants: Going for the Goal! Megan RiggsLeah Matthews

Tyler County

830 Pair Now or Neverland: The Peter Pan Syndrome Loralee HillyardWhitney Tennant

Wetzel County


831 Individual AIDS: A Global Epidemic Adreinne Brown Calhoun County

832 Individual Literature Impact Slavery Rose Aviles Gilmer County

833 Individual Right to Know: Suicide Awareness Lindsey Hawk Grant County

834 Individual Fantastically Real or Really Fantasy? Kelly Morrison Harrison County

835 Individual Click, Click, Click, Are You Online? Lesley Riley Jefferson County

836 Individual You Don't Want a Piece of This Rock Zephanie Custer Berkeley County

837 Individual Epidemics: How Has Disease Shaped Our Destiny? Zachary Gouzd Marion County

838 Individual How has plastic changed our lives Megan Duncan Mason County

839 Individual History of Disneyland Ronetta Hopkins Mcdowell County

840 Individual Silent Disease Renae Burks Pocahontas County

841 Individual How Are Quarter Horses Used Today? Brittany Terrell Roane County

842 Pair Mystical Influences Bridgett CrockerAnita Alt

Grant County

843 Pair Educate Eradicate Jessica DodsonBrittany Haines

Hampshire County

844 Pair How Society Has Changed High School Sports Zack SingletonBen Angotti

Harrison County

845 Pair Euthanasia: Mercy or Murder? Brittany KirkpatrickJessica Klug

Jefferson County

846 Pair The Great Depression Slater TurnerEmily Sigman

Kanawha County

847 Pair Exploring Our Haitian Culture Anne MonumaJosiane Monuma

Berkeley County

848 Pair Did Lizzie Do It? Kayla AdkinsRachel Bronz

Logan County

849 Pair Mothman: Legend or Reality? Stephanie MillerAlex Brescoach

Marion County

850 Pair No Cry Babies Amanda StewartEmily Thompson

Mason County

851 Pair Charles Mansion Kristy ReadyJessica Hardin

Mcdowell County

852 Pair Military Sniper: Who Is He? Rachel Lilia GohilRosanna Lee Spring

Nicholas County

853 Pair Manga and Amie Joseph GoodingJoe Rappoid

Pocahontas County

854 Pair Fads: Do They Repeat Themselves? Brittney BerkhouseCassandra Mounts

Roane County

State & Local Studies

855 Individual A Golden Tradition: The Golden Horseshoe Catlin Weaver Calhoun County

856 Individual A Local Tradition Brandy Burkhammer Gilmer County

857 Individual Dolly Sods Bryan Roomsburg Grant County

858 Individual John W. Davis: From My House to The White House Elizabeth Grey Morrison Harrison County

859 Individual Friendship Fire Department: A Legacy of Heroes Anthony Biller Jefferson County

860 Individual Death Wind, Lewis Wetzel Diana Dyer Kanawha County

861 Individual A Fading Generation: Remembering Veterans of WWII

Angela Sirna Berkeley County

862 Individual The Rocket Boys: How High Can You Go in West Virginia?

Kim Hall Logan County

863 Individual Nine Alive...Miracle in the Mine Ory Pethtel Marion County

864 Individual Sampson Sanders & William Jenkins: Comparing Slave Owners

Soni Huffman Mason County

865 Individual Matewan Massacre Amber Stapleton Mingo County

866 Individual History of Soft Drinks in WV Kelli Cox Mcdowell County

867 Individual Yesteryears: Logging Life in the Woods - 1910 Dervin Lambert Pocahontas County

868 Individual How Was Logging Done In The Old Days? Steven Evans Tucker County

869 Individual Mother Jones: The Miner's Angel Cassie Cunningham Tyler County

870 Pair Murder, She Wrote Anastasia DuPontJohn Martino

Harrison County

871 Pair Citizens Protecting the Eastern Panhandle Cagney HelmickDonovan Helmick

Berkeley County

872 Pair Mary Ingals: A Long Journey Home Ashleigh KnoxChristina Scott

Marion County

873 Pair Are we Related? Caroline ParkElizabeth Somerville

Mason County

874 Pair MamieThurman Eleasha BelcherNatasha Duty

Mingo County

875 Pair A Time to Leap Daphony PruittAshliegh Benton

Mcdowell County

876 Pair How to Make Maple Syrup Cole BeverageFred Tawney

Pocahontas County

877 Pair Let's Take A Ride Through WV Amanda ClarkLindsey Hardway

Roane County

U.S. History

878 Individual Boms Away: History of the Atomic Bomb Michael Sullivan Calhoun County

879 Individual The Final Battle Clayton Barker Gilmer County

880 Individual Harley Davidson Erin Ours Grant County

881 Individual Valley Forge: Crucible? Victory? David Martino Harrison County

882 Individual Are We Ready? Is the U.S. prepared for a biological attack?

Ashlee Lopez Jefferson County

883 Individual Black Opera Stars Shana Harris Berkeley County

884 Individual The United State Navy: Now and Then Tony L. Deer II Logan County

885 Individual What Happened on December 17, 1903? Faith Hartzell Marion County

886 Individual Benjamin Franklin Candy Bonecutter Mason County

887 Individual The First Thanksgiving Jelesia Lewis Morgan County

888 Individual The Siege of Petersburg Anthony Smith Mcdowell County

889 Individual What Was the Role of Navajo Codetalkers in WW II? Tyler Kelly Roane County

890 Individual 1899, Newsboys Go On Strike Eryn Gray Wirt County

891 Individual Gen. Lew Wallace: A Hidden Hero Aaron Mowery Wood County

892 Pair Chicago H.J. KuhnAshton Ours

Grant County

893 Pair What Happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island?

Melissa ShockeyBrandee Cain

Hampshire County

894 Pair Oh, Say Can You See Anna ColomboAndrea Cavanaugh

Harrison County

895 Pair The American Flag Caleb SimpkinsKyle Munroe

Kanawha County

896 Pair The First Cat of Comedy Ariana HaislipFrannie Walkup

Berkeley County

897 Pair The Wright Brothers Caitlyn SwanSamantha Riffle

Marion County

898 Pair Thaddeus Lowe Samantha HallAvielle Raymore

Mason County

899 Pair The Mafia Jusstin ParnellTraci Johnson

Mcdowell County

900 Pair Pioneer Life in America Christin ShinaberryJessica Thompson

Pocahontas County

901 Pair Pearl Harbor Derek DelaneyCody Stewart

Roane County

902 Pair Little House Women: What Is The Geneology of Laura Ingalls Wilder?

Becky KingLacey Hedrick

Tucker County

903 Pair Lewis and Clark Ricky HiteJacob Villers

Wirt County

World History

904 Individual SQin Shi Huangdi The Youngest Emperor Tim Swiger Gilmer County

905 Individual Symbol of Terror or Good Luck Charm Catessa Simon Hampshire County

906 Individual The Salem Witch Trials: A Condemning of the Innocent?

JoyAnna McBride Harrison County

907 Individual Unfolding History Sara Lewis Jefferson County

908 Individual Jet Aviation David Burkhardt Kanawha County

909 Individual Somalia: Success or Failure? Zachary Kell Berkeley County

910 Individual The Olympian Council Justin Saunders Logan County

911 Individual The Mystery of Oak Island Emily Harki Marion County

912 Individual Rhind Papurus Brooke Adams Mason County

913 Individual Unwrapping the Myster of King Tut Talia Blankenship Mingo County

914 Individual History of Quilts Alissa Adkins Nicholas County

915 Individual Eboli Emily Egan Pocahontas County

916 Individual The Mahatma: The Great Soul Stephanie Hussain Roane County

917 Individual King Alexander: How Did He Get So Great? Cole Heintzman Tyler County

918 Individual The Battle of Bastogne Brett Hickle Wood County

919 Pair Got Game? Stephanie AlfredBrittany Conrad

Gilmer County

920 Pair Lord Lister's Detective Agency Bridgett CrockerValerie Bennett

Grant County

921 Pair Anastasia & The Romanov Family Britnie RobbinsBrianna Davis

Harrison County

922 Pair Into the Dark: Could You Survive the Sewers of Lvov?

Nicole LidstromJessica Sanderson

Jefferson County

923 Pair True Warriors Chris SizemoreCharles Garten

Kanawha County

924 Pair The Unwanted Heroes Oana IvanescuSaira Shaffer

Berkeley County

925 Pair Was Joan of Arc a Witch? Daniel CrowleyBrittany Shell

Logan County

926 Pair Role of the Harley Davidson WLA in World War II Karl StreyleAlex Neville

Marion County

927 Pair D-Day the beginning of the end. Andrew MarcumJames Casto

Mason County

928 Pair The Byzantiene Empire Katrina PayneMartha Estep

Mcdowell County

929 Pair Berlin Wall Rise and Fall Curtis DunbrackJarod Minghini

Pocahontas County

930 Pair The Viet Nam War Cruise LawsonCody Stewart

Roane County

931 Pair Medieval Castles Megan AlltopSammi Moore

Wirt County

932 Pair German Technology of World War II Alex KernsCarter Currey

Wood County

Division I - wvssfair.com - [PDF Document] (2024)


What are the types of social studies fair in West Virginia? ›

Categories: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, State and Local Studies, United States History, World History.

What are the categories for the Social Studies fair? ›

The social studies fair provides an opportunity for students to explore self-chosen topics in sociology, political science, history, geography, economics, and anthropology. Through the development of social studies fair projects, students gain knowledge and skills that contribute to the achievement of St.

What is a social studies fair abstract? ›

Abstract. It is a brief (approximately 250 words) summary of the content, purpose, and reference sources used in the paper. The purpose of the report should be based on the questions you asked or the problem you identified.

What are the 7 social studies? ›

There are eight disciplines of social science. Seven of those social sciences are: anthropology, archaeology, economics, history, geography, linguistics, and psychology.

What are the 5 stands of social studies? ›

and why are they important? The five strands of social studies are geography, history, culture and society, civics and government, and economy. They are important because each plays a part in a country's identity.

What falls under the category of social studies? ›

It primarily includes the subjects of history, economics, and civics. Through all of that, the elements of geography, sociology, ethics, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, art and literature are incorporated into the subject field itself.

What are the 4 parts of social studies? ›

In the CBSE curriculum, Social Studies is divided into 4 subjects i.e. History, Political Science, Geography and Economics. The syllabus taught in Social Studies is vast and it becomes really difficult for the kids to remember each and everything.

What are the different social subjects? ›

Social Subjects
  • Geography.
  • History.
  • Modern Studies.
  • Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies.

What is the purpose of a social studies fair? ›

To provide students and teachers an opportunity to relate their daily lives to the ideas and principles taught in social studies.

What are the five content of social studies? ›

The key components of social studies content knowledge include history, geography, economics and financial literacy, civics, and government. It puts a strong emphasis on important and enduring ideas, events, and people that now affect students' lives and serve as a foundation for the future.

What are the types of social studies content? ›

The key components of social studies content knowledge include history, geography, economics and financial literacy, civics, and government. It puts a strong emphasis on important and enduring ideas, events, and people that now affect students' lives and serve as a foundation for the future.

What are the six social studies? ›

Through all of that, the elements of geography, sociology, ethics, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, art and literature are incorporated into the subject field itself. The field of study itself focuses on human beings and their respective relationships.

What are the four parts of social studies? ›

In the CBSE curriculum, Social Studies is divided into 4 subjects i.e. History, Political Science, Geography and Economics.

What are the five nature of social studies? ›

The five main ones are anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology, although some people also include history, criminology, and geography.

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