Monkeytype | A minimalistic, customizable typing test (2024)

Created with love by Miodec.
Supportedandexpandedby many awesome people.
Launched on 15th of May, 2020.

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Monkeytype is a minimalistic and customizable typing test. It featuresmany test modes, an account system to save your typing speed history, anduser-configurable features such as themes, sounds, a smooth caret, andmore. Monkeytype attempts to emulate the experience of natural keyboardtyping during a typing test, by unobtrusively presenting the text promptsand displaying typed characters in-place, providing straightforward,real-time feedback on typos, speed, and accuracy.

Test yourself in various modes, track your progress and improve yourspeed.

word set

By default, this website uses the most common 200 words in the Englishlanguage to generate its tests. You can change to an expanded set (1000most common words) in the options, or change the language entirely.


You can usetabandenter(or justtabif you have quick tab mode enabled) to restart the typing test. Open thecommand line by pressingctrl/cmd+shift+poresc- there you can access all the functionality you need without touchingyour mouse


wpm - total number of characters in the correctly typed words (includingspaces), divided by 5 and normalised to 60 seconds.

raw wpm - calculated just like wpm, but also includes incorrect words.

acc - percentage of correctly pressed keys.

char - correct characters / incorrect characters. Calculated after thetest has ended.

consistency - based on the variance of your raw wpm. Closer to 100% isbetter. Calculated using the coefficient of variation of raw wpm andmapped onto a scale from 0 to 100.

results screen

After completing a test you will be able to see your wpm, raw wpm,accuracy, character stats, test length, leaderboards info and test info.(you can hover over some values to get floating point numbers). You canalso see a graph of your wpm and raw over the duration of the test.Remember that the wpm line is a global average, while the raw wpm line isa local, momentary value. (meaning if you stop, the value is 0)

bug report or feature request

If you encounter a bug, or have a feature request - join the Discordserver, send me an email, a direct message on Twitter or create an issueon GitHub.


Thanks to everyone who has supported this project. It would not bepossible without you and your continued support.


If you encounter a bug, have a feature request or just want to say hi -here are the different ways you can contact me directly.


Montydreifor the name suggestion

Everyonewho provided valuable feedback on the original reddit post for theprototype of this website

Supporterswho helped financially by donating, enabling optional ads or buying merch

Contributorson GitHub that have helped with implementing various features,adding themes and more

top supporters


tip: You can also change all these settings quickly using the command line (









accountbehaviorinputsoundcaretappearancethemehide elementsdanger zone

discord integration

When you connect your monkeytype account to your Discord account, youwill be automatically assigned a new role every time you achieve a newpersonal best in a 60 second test. If you link your accounts beforejoining the Discord server, the botwill notgive you a role.

Your accounts are linked!


With tags, you can compare how fast you're typing in differentsituations. You can see your active tags above the test words. They willremain active until you deactivate them, or refresh the page.


Create settings presets that can be applied with one click. Remember toedit your preset if you make any changes - they don't save on their own.

more account settings

You can access more account settings (such as changing your name,password, resetting or deleting your account) in the danger zonesection.

go to the danger zone

test difficulty

Normal is the classic type test experience. Expert fails the test if yousubmit (press space) an incorrect word. Master fails if you press asingle incorrect key (meaning you have to achieve 100% accuracy).

quick restart







to quickly restart the test, or to quickly jump to the test page. Theseoptions disable tab navigation on most parts of the website. Using the"esc" option will move opening the commandline to the



repeat quotes

This setting changes the restarting behavior when typing in quote mode.Changing it to 'typing' will repeat the quote if you restart whiletyping.

blind mode

No errors or incorrect words are highlighted. Helps you to focus on rawspeed. If enabled, quick end is recommended.

always show words history

This option will automatically show the words history at the end of thetest. Can cause slight lag with a lot of words.

single list command line

When enabled, it will show the command line with all commands in asingle list instead of submenu arrangements. Selecting 'manual' willexpose all commands only after typing



min speed

Automatically fails a test if your speed falls below a threshold.

min accuracy

Automatically fails a test if your accuracy falls below a threshold.

min burst

Automatically fails a test if your raw for a single word falls belowthis threshold. Selecting 'flex' allows for this threshold toautomatically decrease for longer words.

british english

When enabled, the website will use the British spelling instead ofAmerican. Note that this might not replace all words correctly. If youfind any issues, please let us know.


Change in which language you want to type.


These are special modes that change the website in some special way (byaltering the word generation, behavior of the website or the looks).Give each one of them a try!

custom layoutfluid

Select which layouts you want the layoutfluid funbox to cycle through.

freedom mode

Allows you to delete any word, even if it was typed correctly.

strict space

Pressing space at the beginning of a word will insert a space characterwhen this mode is enabled.

opposite shift mode

This mode will force you to use opposite


keys for shifting. Using an incorrect one will count as an error. Thisfeature ignores keys in locations




, and


because many people use the other hand for those keys. If you're usingexternal software to emulate your layout (including QMK), you should usethe "keymap" mode - the standard "on" will not work. This will enforceopposite shift based on the "keymap layout" setting.

stop on error

Letter mode will stop input when pressing any incorrect letters. Wordmode will not allow you to continue to the next word until you correctall mistakes.

confidence mode

When enabled, you will not be able to go back to previous words to fixmistakes. When turned up to the max, you won't be able to backspace atall.

quick end

This only applies to the words mode - when enabled, the test will end assoon as the last word has been typed, even if it's incorrect. Whendisabled, you need to manually confirm the last incorrect entry with aspace.

indicate typos

Shows typos that you've made. Below shows what you typed below theletters and replace will replace the letters with the ones you typed.

hide extra letters

Hides extra letters. This will completely avoid words jumping lines (dueto changing width), but might feel a bit confusing when you press a keyand nothing happens.

lazy mode

Replaces accents / diacritics / special characters with their normalletter equivalents.

layout emulator

With this setting you can emulate other layouts. This setting is bestkept off, as it can break things like dead keys and alt layers.

sound volume

Change the volume of the sound effects.

play sound on click

Plays a short sound when you press a key.

play sound on error

Plays a short sound if you press an incorrect key or press space tooearly.

smooth caret

The caret will move smoothly between letters and words.

caret style

Change the style of the caret during the test.

pace caret

Displays a second caret that moves at constant speed. The 'average'option averages the speed of last 10 results. The 'daily' option takesthe highest speed of the last 24 hours.

repeated pace

When repeating a test, a pace caret will automatically be enabled forone test with the speed of your previous test. It does not override thepace caret if it's already enabled.

pace caret style

Change the style of the pace caret during the test.

live progress style

Change the style of the timer/word count during a test.

live speed style

Change the style of the live speed displayed during the test.

live accuracy style

Change the style of the live accuracy displayed during the test.

live burst style

Change the style of the live burst speed displayed during the test.

live stats color

Change the color of the progress, live speed, accuracy and burst text.

live stats opacity

Change the opacity of the progress, live speed, burst and accuracy text.

highlight mode

Change what is highlighted during the test.

tape mode

Only shows one line which scrolls horizontally. Setting this to 'word'will make it scroll after every word and 'letter' will scroll afterevery keypress. Works best with smooth line scroll enabled and amonospace font.

smooth line scroll

When enabled, the line transition will be animated.

show all lines

When enabled, the website will show all lines for word, custom and quotemode tests - otherwise the lines will be limited to 3, and willautomatically scroll. Using this could cause the timer text and livespeed to not be visible.


always show decimal places

Always shows decimal places for values on the result page, without theneed to hover over the stats.

typing speed unit

Display typing speed in the specified unit.

start graphs at zero

Force graph axis to always start at zero, no matter what the data is.Turning this off may exaggerate the value changes.

max line width

Change the maximum width of the typing test, measured in characters.Setting this to 0 will align the words to the edges of the content area.

font size

Change the font size of the test words.

font family


Displays your current layout while taking a test. React shows what youpressed and Next shows what you need to press next.

keymap layout

Controls which layout is displayed on the keymap.

keymap style

keymap legend style

keymap show top row

flip test colors

By default, typed text is brighter than the future text. When enabled,the colors will be flipped and the future text will be brighter than thealready typed text.

colorful mode

When enabled, the test words will use the main color, instead of thetext color, making the website more colorful.

custom background

Set an image url to be a custom background image. Cover fits the imageto cover the screen. Contain fits the image to be fully visible. Maxfits the image corner to corner.

custom background filter

Apply various effects to the custom background.





auto switch theme

Enabling this will automatically switch the theme between light and darkdepending on the system theme.



randomize theme

After completing a test, the theme will be set to a random one. Therandom themes are not saved to your config. If set to 'favorite' onlyfavorite themes will be randomized. If set to 'light' or 'dark', onlypresets with light or dark background colors will be randomized,respectively. If set to 'custom', custom themes will be randomized.


key tips

Shows the keybind tips at the bottom of the page.

out of focus warning

Shows an out of focus reminder after 1 second of being 'out of focus'(not being able to type).

caps lock warning

Displays a warning when caps lock is on.


Displays your average speed and/or accuracy over the last 10 tests.

import/export settings

Import or export the settings as JSON.


You can disable or enable ads at any time. "Result" will show one ad onthe result page, "on" will add floating vertical banners, and "sellout"will add multiple ads on every page.

(changes will take effect after a refresh).

ape keys

Generate Ape Keys to access certain API endpoints(documentation).More endpoints will be added in the future.

update cookie preferences

If you changed your mind about which cookies you consent to, you canchange your preferences here.

set streak hour offset

Streaks reset at midnight UTC by default. If this is not convenient foryou (for example if it means that streaks reset in the middle of theday), you can change the hour offset here.
You can only do this once!

update account name

Change the name of your account. You can only do this once every 30days.

password authentication settings

Add password authentication, update your password or email.

google authentication settings

Add or remove Google authentication.

github authentication settings

Add or remove GitHub authentication.

revoke all tokens

Revokes all tokens connected to your account. Do this if you thinksomeone else has access to your account.
This will log you out of all devices.

reset settings

Resets settings to the default (but doesn't touch your tags).
You can't undo this action!

reset personal bests

Resets all your personal bests (but doesn't delete any tests from yourhistory).
You can't undo this action!

opt out of leaderboards

Use this if you frequently trigger the anticheat (for example if usingstenography) to opt out of leaderboards.
You can't undo this action!

reset account

Completely resets your account to a blank state.
You can't undo this action!

delete account

Deletes your account and all data connected to it.
You can't undo this action!

Login/Signup is disabled or the server is down/under maintenance.









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highest consistency


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Monkeytype | A minimalistic, customizable typing test (2024)
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