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Fall Guys: A New Way to Punish Cheaters

Fall Guys: A New Way to Punish Cheaters on Blog

Cheaters are a common problem for many games, and Fall Guys is not an exclusion. Instead of banning them forever, the game developers have decided another interesting way for punishment. All cheaters will be sent to a special area where they will be able to play together. This area will be located off the main game.
According to the product creators, all those suspected of cheating will be sent off the main game servers to a special place called Cheater Island. The main idea of this step is to try to teach those unfair players good manners.

However, this funny way of treating cheaters was not to last forever. As soon as they (unfair players) started to post videos of what they thought was Cheater Island, the company shut down the server. This means that unfair players will be banned from the game as they will not be able to log in again.

This is a temporary measure as Fall Guys are going to add a special anti-cheat technology developed by the Epic company. This tech is a cutting-edge way to reveal the majority of cheaters and to prevent them from continuing using cheats.


That’s great the developers want to stimulate the cheaters to make the right decision. What do you think about it? Leave a comment below the article.

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