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Top 5 Longest PC Games Ever

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If you are a fan of PC games, you will spend hours and even days trying to complete all the missions in a particular title. However, some games offer you longer gameplay that you can enjoy without being annoyed. Here are the top 5 longest PC games ever!

Football Manager 2020

Those who like soccer will definitely spend much time trying to lead their teams to the top of various cups. Football Manager 2020 offers almost infinite gameplay where you can choose from thousands of soccer clubs being part of dozens of leagues from all over.

What is your task here? This longest video game ever allows you to take a club (from whatever league you want) and manage your team, buying players, controlling the training process, upgrading the stadium, hiring staff, etc.

Total War Series

This is one of the longest PC games ever! Depending on the period you choose (Total War is a very big series of separate games about medieval, ancient times, and even Napoleonic wars), you can become the leader of a state or even head the tribes to the invasion. Total War games have beautiful graphics and great gameplay.

You will be able to move the troops on the strategic map, develop your cities and your country, use spies and various warriors, move ships, and conduct diplomacy with neighbors. Once you engage in a battle with an enemy, you can choose between an automatic resolution mode or manage your troops on a tactical map with beautiful landscapes. If you are playing for Romans, for example, you will be able to use all the famous formations, including testudo.

Never played this game before? Give it a try, and you will never regret it. The strategy fans are especially welcomed.

Arma Series

Arma is a first-person tactical shooter where you are going to be part of a squad (and to lead a squad later). This game offers various types of equipment to carry and vehicles to drive. You will participate in fictional wars as a NATO soldier. The latest 3rd version of the game takes place in two Greece islands.

The game is rich in beautiful sceneries and missions. You will have to make long distances to achieve the goals. One single shot can kill you. This is a hardcore shooter with realistic ballistics and weapons. If you want to try your soldier skills, ARMA is the best game to do it.

Crusader Kings III

This real-time strategy will shift you to the Medieval period. You can start as a king or a simple feudal and make your way to the top. Crusader Kings III allows you to conduct wars, plan your child's marriage and create alliances, play as a dynasty leader, collect lands, lose and regain territories, etc.

Civilization Series

Have you ever dreamt about becoming a ruler of the world? Civilization games allow you to make your dreams come true. Here you can start with a small settlement and create your own empire. Build cities, discover new lands, create your troops, research new technologies, switch to new eras. Civilization games are infinite happiness for all strategy lovers.


If you have something to add including games that are the longest ever, please, do not hesitate to leave your comments below this review.

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