How to Drive Away Snails and Slugs in Your Plants

Snails and slugs can become the main enemy of our plants. If we suddenly discover gnawed leaves and a silver strip, we will have to run for cover: removing the snails and slugs may be the only solution!

The habits of snails and slugs in the vegetable garden and in the garden

I think knowing the modus operandi of any pest is important for knowing how to act and, above all, how to protect our plants. Snails, slugs or slugs prefer to feed on tender shoots and young leaves. Therefore, our search for suspects should focus on plants with these characteristics.

Of nocturnal habits, it is possible to find them in brittle in the evening, at dawn or on rainy days. During the day they usually hide in any corner away from the sun, to rest without losing humidity. This idea is the basis of some traps that we will see later.

Finally, it is important to know that there are two moments of the year in which they enter into a long lethargy: with decreasing temperatures during the winter and with the extreme heat of summer. If in these seasons you discover gnawed leaves but there are no traces of burr, the culprit could be another.

Traps and hiding places to ward off snails

Slugs and slugs usually hide in damp places sheltered from the sun during the day. We can start with a visual inspection in places with a lot of vegetation, under the stones, and under the base the finishes of pots and planters. These are their favorite hiding places in the courtyard of my house. They love any terracotta container, the tiles, or any inverted plastic pot in which they can hide.

Try placing some of these pots in the garden or garden to attract them. During the day, get them up and check if they are hidden inside.

Traps with beer for snails

Snails and slugs are great beer lovers. Yes, you read that right! The smell of yeast irresistibly attracts them and for this, there are traps to catch them using this drink.

They are made up of a container that must be buried at ground level and a cover that prevents it from filling with rainwater. There is a space of the right size between the container and the cover to allow the snail to enter and drown (or get drunk) with beer. A couple of centimeters of the drink are more than enough to obtain an ecological, effective and chemical-free trap.

You can also combine the two methods: using a beer trap covered with a tile, for example. Choose its location taking into account their preferences and hide during the day.

How to control snail and slug invasions

These animals can become a very serious problem in a large garden or vegetable garden. In this case, it is advisable to use a slug product, specifically designed to remove snails and slugs from strawberries, lettuce or other plants they are fond of.

These products, in granular form, are scattered around the plants to be protected or creating a line as a protection cord.

They are a powerful attractant for snails and slugs, which will end up dying after ingesting it. It is not a fulminant poison, so we will not find dead snails on the granules, it takes a couple of days to allow the product to perform its function and notice the results.

The best time to apply the product is after rain or generous watering. It is at that moment that the mollusks leave their hiding places to feed themselves. The granules will gradually dissolve, so it will be necessary to repeat the application when we see that they have disappeared.