The 9 Anti Mosquito Plants That Will Save Your Summer

One of the most annoying things of the summer is the arrival of the hateful mosquitoes.

But luckily, there are some plants that allow us to keep them away from our homes, terraces, and courtyards.

These anti mosquito plants have a pleasant aroma for us but are able to annoy and drive away insects.

First of all, it is worth remembering that mosquito larvae grow in stagnant water, albeit in small quantities. Saucers, children’s pools or your pet’s bowl become the ideal place where female mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Therefore, our first tip is to check these containers regularly, trying to empty them or change the water inside frequently.

The larvae are visible to the naked eye on the surface, where they swim until they turn into pupae and subsequently into adult mosquitoes.

Anti-mosquito plants for gardens and terraces

All the plants listed below are very useful for their repellent effects and above all, they are an ecological, practical and decorative solution to the problem.

1. The anti-mosquito geranium or lemon geranium

Pelargonium citrodorum has a powerful lemon aroma. It is a plant that grows well in pots and planters, requires direct sun and less frequent irrigation compared to traditional geraniums which are mostly grown for flowers.

This variety has pink or purple flowers and grows much more in height.

You can plant them near the terrace table, in a planter on the balcony or outside the windows or place a few twigs in a glass with water on the headboard of your bed.

In addition to taking advantage of its repellent effect, you will get new cuttings to get more plants.

2. Lemongrass

Cymbopogon citratus is an herb of the Poaceae family from which the essential oil known as lemongrass is extracted.

To grow it, you just need a large pot, water it regularly and protect it in colder periods if you live in an area with harsh winters.

It is very decorative both in the garden, near a pond or in a pot on the terrace.

If you decide to grow it in a pot, remember that it will be easy to divide it taking into account that its bulb is similar to that of the onion, although taller and wider.

3. Basil

The basil (Ocimum basilicum) is one of the best-known plants for its repellent properties for mosquitoes and other insects. Although the best-known variety is the one with large leaves (with which we prepare the pesto) and the one with small leaves, the best mosquito repellent is basil with lemon.

It can be grown in the ground, in pots and planters. It needs direct sun and abundant watering, almost every day if they are in small capacity containers.

By rubbing it on your legs and arms, you will be protected from annoying mosquito bites.

4. The catnip

If you have a cat, it is very likely that you already know this plant. Nepeta cataria or mint from cats is usually grown in small containers and the cats gnaw it to purify themselves.

Well, it seems incredible but catnip is also an anti-mosquito plant and above all, it does not need a large capacity container to grow. You can use small balcony pots and planters to protect the windows or place the planters around the table if mosquitoes usually bite your legs.

5. Other anti-mosquito plants

In addition to those that we have already presented, we can also include laurel and jasmine among the anti-mosquito plants. Since these are plants that grow into trees, we advise you to grow them in the ground or in large planters, perhaps placed near the gazebo or deck chair.

In the case of jasmine, you can pick up a handful of flowers at sunset, just when they start to open and bring them to the house to protect yourself from mosquitoes and enjoy its incredible aroma.

Another ally to our mosquito crusade is lavender. It grows well in pots and planters, which we can place on the balcony and also in very bright interiors. It is a plant that does not bear water stagnation, therefore it is necessary to provide it with a well-drained substratum and moderate irrigation.

We conclude with two other plants with an intense citrus aroma.

Melissa, which requires very little care and Timo lemon, ideal for protecting very sunny balconies: love the sun and moderate watering.